Monday, September 21, 2015

The hero cult

In the spring there was polemic in Konami office regarding Hideo Kojima. While earlier Metal Gear Solid was marketed with Kojima's name, this spring saw the winds of change. Metal Gear Solid became the game of Konami, not the game of Kojima. The matrimony of these two drifted to inner conflicts over power, and although the details of it have not been confirmed, it was clear that the schism was extremely large.

Whether it was Kojima's own decision to leave Konami or whether he has been coerced to do so remains unclear as well, but neither side seems happy with the actions of the other. MGS franchise was cleared from Kojima's name, and with the current information Kojima will be leaving the company at the end of this year.

Kojima is widely considered to be a hero and a genius. Neither of these are untrue statements; not everyone would be able to write something like the Metal Gear Solid-franchise. As per usual, the genius coin has another side which is a lot less talked about:

"MGSV was an insanely expensive project, and many other projects by Konami died solely because Kojima extended the deadlines, hogged the resources and ignored the higher-ups of Konami. Partially for good reason of course, but hero worship got to his head pretty strongly too." - Katsu

Nintendolife wrote An Article about Konami's "dictatorial management", and hinted strongly towards the treatment of the genius hero Kojima at the very first lines. While the article states that Konami definitely might not be one of the best places to work at, it is an interesting play for thoughts to contemplate how much of the hate directed at Konami is because Kojima is treated as misunderstood genius.

Japanese business culture appears harsh and difficult to understand for people who come outside the country. I hope to achieve a deeper understanding for it at some point, but from an outside perspective Konami is led in an old-fashioned, authoritative way.

Oh well. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

In other news, the school has started properly with a kick of busyness on my backside! I have relocated all the important items to the far north and recovered from the initial shock of suddenly moving to a place where I know nobody and I know nothing of.

I have started the school, the learning of C# and asking questions about international exchange possibilities. One of these possibilities involves going to Japan for three months or so, which is one of the options I am going to pursue. Wouldn't mind spending the summer months there, especially if it helps in advancing one's career!

I also participated to my first game jam. It was primarily aimed for us new students so that we could try out developing games before we've been taught how to develop games. Or, as it was put forth by one of our teachers: so that we could develop games before we start to realize that our goals are unrealistic, because as long as we don't know something's impossible, we can make it possible.

Point in question, we made a functioning mobile game prototype. It was only afterwards pointed out to us that it was not likely we would get it to function properly.

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