Monday, August 31, 2015

"Nah, FFVII will never get a remake"

FFVII is getting a remake and I'm positively hyped about it. There, I said it. Now, if you don't want to read anything positive related to the said remake (I have met a great number of people who seem to only want to wallow in the negativeness of everything that might not go the way they want to) you have my permission to sod off.

*clears throat*
*shifts through notes*

To me, FFVII always felt like an incomplete experience. A positive one, regardless, with heartbreaking moments and adventures to like - but an incomplete, unfinished one. Comparing it to FFV, my first ever Final Fantasy experience, or god forbid, FFVI - a true masterpiece, FFVII was definitely missing "something".

Usually when people ask me if I'm hyped about FFVII remake because I'm a fangirl who wets her pants at sight of Seph, no, not really. I've always found myself more or less critical of the game.

The flow of the game was awkward.
The realization of the plot was, at times, awkward.
The amount of the minigames was awkward to say at least.

And Sephiroth is really not that cool of an evil guy. Really. Compared to Kefka he's nothing but a momma's boy with issues. You want pure unrivaled insane evil? Go check out Final Fantasy 6. It's dangerous to go alone, have some tissues with you.

Several years ago I participated in a panel talking about why Final Fantasy 7 will most likely never get a remake. One of the statements given by Shinra -- err, Square Enix was that it would be slightly troublesome to remake FFVII because of its main characters. They are terrorists, and heralding them as heroes could be troublesome in modern world.

Other issue, of course, would be money. It can't hurt to keep in mind that the franchise of Final Fantasy was born in a desperate situation: the first Final Fantasy was titled that because it was the last game Square was going to make after facing a desperate financial state. You can't call it artificial respiration since the franchise has been a great success, but it probably affected the way Square handled its finances.

I did some research and I must say that Square has more familiar titles for me than Enix. I've never played Dragon quest, but just like any successful company, Enix has made one successful title and rode on its back through the years of video game golden age. I should probably play the franchise to find out why Enix was the company to survive the merge in 2003 - resulting in Square Enix - rather than Square, even when I had barely heard of Dragon Quest prior to doing my research.

Ever since Final Fantasy came out, it has not remained stagnant in the genre of RPG. Time and time again it has brought out new sides and stories, sometimes with wonderful success - such as Final Fantasy VI or VII - and sometimes with less success - such as Final Fantasy X-2. It is important to stay on the move, but to not lose your sense of direction it is good to remember where you came from, and to cherish those successful milestones.

Or something.

As I am a storyline-oriented gamer, I can't help but point out that one of the greatest sides of 7 is its story. The characters are detailed, the story is remarkable and its realization was top-notch back when it was released. Such a great story deserves to be retold, and if this happens because Square Enix is in monetary problems, I don't really care. Call me an optimist, but I do believe that retelling the old story can lead to greater future success for the upcoming sequels of the franchise.

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