Monday, July 13, 2015

Next Season of true love

Lately my mind has been a lot on the visual novel world, and especially in the world of âge. There has been talk about kickstarter on localized Muvluv and MLA, and me and Katsu are positively hyped (along with many others, I am sure). To celebrate this, I went back to all six âge-related posts a bit and started reading the series again.

"You can't spell rage without âge", Katsu told me when I first started extra. I had no idea what he meant by that back then, I thought he was merely exaggerating as he has a tendency of being very eccentric and elaborate. After having watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien I really should have known better.

I've made my best effort to try and understand all the characters and their points of view, and I do understand why people arrived to the conclusions they did. I understand why Hayase did what she did, and I understand Takayuki's feelings on the matter - that doesn't mean I still like it. Understanding does not mean acceptance on my part, I still consider Hayase to be incredibly selfish. Takayuki is put in an unfair situation to begin with, so I'm trying not to judge his choices (or the lack of them).

I've watched pretty much all the Kiminozo-related things with Katsu, including the Next Season. As I said in the previous post I made on the subject, I don't like a future where Haruka ends up together with Takayuki. Next Season fails to change my mind on the matter.

She is the character I wholeheartedly admire the most in the series and who I identify the most with in the series, and while Kiminozo as whole is a painful experience, I like how Haruka has her own happy ending. She is the kind of character who chases her own path, after all, no matter who she is with.

It's not only that though, Next Season turns most of the characters into rather hateable versions of themselves. Haruka is portrayed as an utter victim in the first episode of Next Season, as the clumsy protectable stupid girl who needs a man by her side. I was very happy to see her break out of it at the end of the episode; that suits her much more than being protected. She is working hard to find her own way after all.

The reason I don't argue about this a lot with Katsu is because at some point he seems to always be insisting that Haruka didn't really love Takayuki. What the hell, man, that's how it all started - from Haruka's silly crush on the guy! Saying that Hayase didn't really love him would be just as untrue, they both did, and neither of them were in the position to make the choice.

In the end it was Takayuki's choice to make, and in the end he did make the choice - I feel that whether it was Haruka or Hayase is irrelevant at this point. The most important matter is that the choice was made, because it allows all the characters to carry on their own paths.

Seeing Haruka learning to stand on her own; seeing Hayase making a choice of leaving the town for a new beginning, knowing staying would only bring her pain; seeing Takayuki finally realize that he can't make half-assed choices in love, he has chosen his path and must stand tall behind his words... these are things which resonate to me in Next Season. It is not a bad ending either, but I personally prefer to see Haruka end up together with someone else.

Another notable thing about Next Season is that while in the original series Haruka was the one who was detached from the main group for her own self-growth and finding her path, Next Season portrays this burden falling on Hayase. While I am certain that she will end up finding her own path in the end, I've always considered Hayase being the weaker out of the two. Maybe it is because of the amazing support Haruka has in her family, but I feel that she is better suited for shouldering the pain of having to find one's path alone.

Friends despite everything.

While I dislike Next Season, there is something it does give to me the original series did not: a closure between Hayase and Haruka. I would have wanted to see this in the occasion where Takayuki ends up choosing Hayase: I feel that the conversation would have been same if the choice made had been as clear in the series as it was in the Next Season. Tears, sadness, but friendship on the bottom of it all.

It is not the choice itself, but the false hope that ends up breaking hearts here. As a person who values friendship way over love I always wanted to see the friendly closure between the two of them.

About the RL things related to my KimiNozo hatred... I did get my closure in the end. Maybe that has softened my views on the matter as well.

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