Monday, July 6, 2015

Newsflash from two weeks

An avid reader has noticed that I skipped last Monday's update. My apologies; I expected to have more time, but as I have started a new job, I kind of foresaw this. I didn't expect to have a lot of time or energy what with depression rising up, then again I didn't expect my panic attacks to suddenly explode in amount and power with the start of new job. Yay.

Then again, I'm only "attempting" to update this on every Monday, so not stressing about it too much. Anyways, that's all the QQ you're gonna see!

Good things are that I've spent two weeks quite heavily medicated, and things are starting to look upwards. So here are some things I currently fumble with, and will make blog posts of:

Final Fantasy - playing tunnel run and remake hype

So far nothing has proved me wrong in my prejudice of FFXIII being a tunnel run. A beautiful, beautiful tunnel run - but a tunnel run nevertheless. Also I'm very adamant about playing it on the camera so progress is a bit slow, so might not have a lot to say about it.

However, I'm sure that every gamer worth their salt already knows that Final Fantasy VII is going to get a remake. This is something I will definitely write about, as I've written about FF7 before, and also held a panel on the topic of "Everything you did not yet know about FFVII", including "why it will probably never get a remake". Now that I've been proved wrong, I do wish to look back to what I said back then and why.

Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and oh my god it's finally here

I am the kind of person who gladly called myself fan of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, despite being completely oblivious to the existance of This One. I happened to learn of the third game of the series completely by accident when I was going through everything I could find on the subject of the sixteen Colossi on the internet, and ever since I have hoped that it will be taken back under development.

I'm waiting the Last Guardian more than I have waited any expansion in WoW, or more than I ever wanted to play Skyrim. Why? One simple blog post featuring things on a general level can't explain the attraction. Heck, I'm not sure if even one blog post will, but I'm going to try.

Cities, Skylines; Sims; stupid and childish games

Cities, Skylines and Sims have something in common. For some reason they are both incredibly difficult for me to master, which makes me jokingly say that they are stupid, childish games. I spent two days pretty much playing only CiSkyl and I think I've gathered enough opinions about it to speak out a bit.

Condensators and other small parts

In other words, an update post of the Sona cosplay. There will be video material and shiny light stuff.

I got in school

I got in school. I'm going to be a game dev.

I'm still struggling to comprehend how the hell I got in. I have no idea. What the hell. Me.

So there will probably be a post about that. As soon as I work out the details.

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