Monday, June 8, 2015

Zombies? Run!

So, our guild recently merged to another guild on the server. While the merge means that both of us can now steadily raid Mythic, it didn't go completely without mourning period; for many of the people who were brought along with the merge, our previous guild was everything we could have ever wanted from a guild - me included - and the new guild... let's say that at the moment it feels very progress-only-oriented. Naturally that's how a Mythic raiding guild is, but I kind of miss the more carefree atmosphere.

We'll see how things go. It's nice to raid Mythic with people who are motivated, even when I'm taking a week's break from raiding now (I have Uni entrance exams and my brother's graduation party on the other side of the country, so will have to stay there for the whole week).

My impression of Mythic so far:
Gruul: It's not that difficult, people, goddamnit. (Tanks, I'm looking at you.)
Oregorger: Fire is kind of difficult, but with proper positioning it's really not that hard. It feels a bit odd how people have come this far, yet they keep dying on Heroic-level mechanics.
Flamebender: Wow, there's really a lot of damage going on in here. Really heal-intense fight. My biggest challenge and headache (do not we haven't gotten to Iron Maidens Mythic yet), yet I understand why she's called the Lootbender.
Hans & Franz: It's not a difficult concept, stop getting hit by the Heroic stampers. Yes, that includes me when I'm tired, but they're not hard to dodge if you know what you're doing. Not a fight for a tired mind, but far from difficult.
Kromog: Basically a DPS check. If DPS fucks up, there is nothing I can do. For a healer, it's really really really not a difficult fight. Just don't fuck simple shit up.
Beastlord Darmac: How are people still getting hit by spears, and is it really that hard not to stack up? Hey, I don't mind, my healing looks amazing on the meters when the rend and tear gives the debuff on players and I get to keep my shields up on them - but it drains my mana. You don't want me completely OOMing before Faultline bashes his head in, now do you? Two words: personal space.
Operator Thogar: This gets really easy by the time you know where you're supposed to go. Memorize the route and you're good.

In other news, this week I've been getting into movement-controllable games, or well, just one: Zombies, run. After getting a puppy I haven't really had any interest in proper exercise, just a casual strolling outside three times a day, and it's really started to show in my figure. "I swear, if I'm going to stuff myself in a body suit made from latex and/or PVC, I need to start running NOW", I notified myself one day when taking a critical look in the mirror (while I'm far from fat, Sona is even farther from fat than I am, and I like to get as close to the characcter as I can).

Emi was disappointed with me.

Still, it took another two weeks before a friend of mine mentioned that she's picked up running thanks to an app called "Zombies, run".
"Sounds like fun", I noted, "where do I sign in?" And I got the link, and I tested it, and I walked/jogged ten kilometers on my first day. Fortunately wasn't sore the day after, looks like I've managed to keep myself even somewhat in shape even with all the lazing around.

So what's the idea of this peculiar application? Basically you download an app to your phone and start it up when you go on a walk. You have over two hundred available missions you perform as "Runner Five" in a world overcome with zombies.

It's like listening to an audiobook while running, except that the audiobook is interactive and your way to interact with it is to keep moving. During your walks/runs you collect items of use and materials to rebuild your village (which are very nice to go through after you come home from running and sit down with your phone to check your progress).

Then, every now and then, there are zombies attacking you. At that moment you get a notification: "Warning, zombies detected". At that point you are supposed to pick up your pace and go faster. Were you walking when the notification came up? Start jogging. Were you jogging? Better start running, or the zombies will catch up to you.

In-between the audio files and item-gathering (and zombie attacks), you get to either listen pre-set playlist from your own phone, or silence. I understand how most people would want to pick music, but I actually prefer silence. Running has always been a way for me to clear my head, and to do that I need the silence. So, I jog along in silence, thinking about my own thoughts, and every now and then I collect a tin of food. Or a bottle of water. Or a power cord. Or --- zombies, run!

The audio files are very neatly executed. The plot keeps you interested, which motivates you to get on another run. You can choose your own pace and alter it during the runs - except during a zombie attack, when you are supposed to sprint of course. It uses GPS to track your movement, so it also offers a visual presentation of where you went during that particular run.

So. Looking to get in shape for summer? While it's true that a round shape is a shape as well, I like to promote good and nice ways of healthy lifestyle where-ever I can - and in gamer society, these are quite a new thing. Pizza and weight issues, over or under, have been a part of computer-ridden life for quite a long, but I think it's good to bring some change about that.

I hate running, and I'm sure many of you can agree with me. It's not the nicest thing out there. Also, the app is slightly buggy, sometimes not finishing missions or overlapping the sound files, which always takes it away from the experiment.

Even so! Try this app out. Think of it as just another cool game, and try to keep the nerd rage out from the unfinished side of things. If you're into RPGs, I can almost guarantee this will get you out there. Drop yourself to the scenery of Fallout 3 with zombies or imagine yourself being a lone ranger in a fantasy landscape with undead, and enjoy the better sleep, better shape, and all those medical expenses you can save up in the future and use for the newest gaming technology instead.

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