Monday, June 15, 2015

5 gamer personalities I occasionally am (and games that inspire those personalities in me)

Okay, so today I was supposed to rot my brains by reading to entrance exams, and here I am. Sitting with that book on my lap, opened from the correct page, all ready for some last moment revisions...

... and somehow I find myself procrastinating, doing everything else than studying. Working on my several writing and illustration projects has never seemed as important as this very moment! So I made a deal with myself. I will write one blog post where I try something new and after that I will stop procrastinating and head onto reading.

Just this one. I swear.
Gamer personality #1: Competitive

"I was once not the first one.

Occurs when playing: World of Warcraft, any form of PvP. Racing games. Dance Dance Revolution and other sport games.

This is the most visible side of my gaming side. Whenever there is something to compete at, I must do it. I must be at least as good as the other person, preferably better, or die training to surpass them. Being competitive is my biggest reason for being as adept in games as I am: whenever I meet someone who's better than me, they become my goal. I train until I surpass them.

And there's always someone who's better and even more competitive than I am, so the training never ends. This personality is a distant relative of #2, which is....

Gamer personality #2: Table-flipper

MLP-angry Luna gamer by pmo0908

<insert multiple expletives here>

Occurs when playing: Any form of FPS. Some forms of PvP.

I want to emphasize that I consider myself a decent loser. I don't whine when I lose, I don't blame the other person for being better than me. But there are some things which cause me to very rapidly start cursing like a madman. Creli has noticed this and often giggles at me whenever we play FPS games together, because at some point it always descends to the point where I just scream "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT HIT YOU DAMN FUCKING GOD DAMN WEAPON".

Lack of practise? Lack of practise. My fault. Not the weapon's. Important point.

Another table-flipping experience is PvP in WoW.


.. I swear I'm usually a nice person to be around, but there is a reason why I go to battlegrounds when I need to blow off some steam from a sucky day.

Gamer personality #3: OCD Perfectionist

"Balance, order and OCD."

Occurs when playing: Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, Super Mario 64, any game with "collect the puzzle pieces"-mini games implemented (such as collecting pieces of heart in OoT). Pokémon.

Gotta catch 'em all!

Also got to organize them all in neatly piled blocks. A team of six Pokémon and one of them isn't on the same level as others? That level in Super Mario 64 where you only have four stars? Link missing that last half of a heart in Ocarina of Time? Can't have that.

And yeah, Dwarf Fortress is in the list even when I do realize that it's about the worst game for having a OCD perfectionism attack with. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like it; it spits in the face of my attempts of organizing everything neatly and playing through the game perfectly. Such audacity. Got to love that fucking game.

Gamer personality #4: Storyline chaser

"Yeah yeah yeah just give me my next cutscene."

Occurs when playing: Any game where storyline is the driving motif. All of the Final Fantasies, all 3D Zelda games. Pokémon. To the Moon.

Whenever I come across a game which has a storyline, I tend to get really immersed. I recall having similar experience back when Ocarina of Time came out. Sure, the gameplay was awesome and it has always remained the nostalgic game from my childhood, but what always got to me most was the storyline. For me it was more important to experience the adventure than play it perfectly. (I only developed my perfectionist tendencies later on in life.)

Now, it might not be so surprising when it comes to an RPG such as Zelda, but I had the same case with Pokémon. Storyline was more important for me than having a perfectly optimized team. The storyline in first pocket monster games wasn't the biggest priority but it was what gave me the biggest kicks in the game.

Later in life I've started to like more the actual gameplay along the storyline. Even when I like the story in FF7 very much, I must admit that the gameplay feels clumsy. It's an old game after all, would love to see a remake of it partially for this reason - I feel the story would deserve a proper remake. Before I was perfectly happy if the game had a decent story, no matter how awkward the gameplay would feel, but I consider To The Moon as a turning point for me. The story was tearjerking, but the gameplay was far from satisfying.

Still, I think that before everything I'm the kind of person who likes the stories of the games most. That, and being competitive.

Gamer personality #5: "Did you know"-walking database


Occurs when playing: World of Warcraft. Shadow of the Colossus. Random encounter battle.

This trait is a wild Rattata appearing all of a sudden. It can appear pretty much anywhere, while playing any game, if I happen to remember a piece of information which is related to the game, or the decade it was published in, or the characters, or the makers of the game.

This random piece of information might be something like...
- Did you know that the language they speak in Shadow of the Colossus is actually the bastard child of Japanese and Latin?
- Did you know that the Triforce was planned after the crest of ancient Hojo family in Japan?
- Did you know that the largest reason Square Enix doesn't want to make a remake of FF7 is that they fear the public implications of a game where terrorists are the celebrated main characters?

At this point you have guessed it: I have a trait of acquiring useless tidbits of information which make me seem very knowledgeable about games and the gaming scene. Truth is that I don't know nearly as much as people assume, even when I can place most of the consoles in the right generation and can roughly describe you the rise and fall of Japan's video game industry.
In other news! I've had a steady streak of over 100 views every Monday for several weeks now. Go you! And thank you! The next update will probably be about Sona's helmet, because the latex is finally here, and I've been working with Worbla for some time now. Look forward to it!

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