Monday, May 18, 2015

Take 'em to the Rift

I recently picked up another addiction for myself by accident. This accident happened when a roommate of mine was talking about a new, different MOBA game which has not been out for very long, and mistakenly called it "Rift". I downloaded it while playing Civilization 3, which might be the reason I did not check everything about it before the download.

I did check the webpage though, thinking "huh, this doesn't really look like MOBA".

So, it turns out the game my roomie was talking about was Smite, and Rift is actually a MMORPG. Oh well, too bad. Downloaded it anyway, so I need to try this game. See if it's any good.

"So I'm choosing between Radiant and Dire? I mean errh... Defiant and... Guardians? Eh, bad guys are usually boring, I'll go with guardians."

Uff, what a mistake. I have to admit that lawful good has never done things for me, and the whole Guardian side starting things reek of "we're holier than thou, we are the chosen ones, we are the ones who are right". Tried it out, didn't like it, logged off and went to read some more reviews about this game I was now stuck with.

The thing is, most of the reviews were good, urging me to give the game another chance. Also, the more I read about the Defiant side, the more intrigued I got with them. I mean, time-travelling techno magus. What's not to like?

I decided to give them a go, and holy feth, I just got back from playing the starting area, and I like it way more than the Guardian side. No boring 2D plot! This I can tap to.

I'll see how this addiction developes, but so far it seems that I'll stick with it for a while.

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