Monday, May 25, 2015

Repeat after me: Cosplay Is Fun

So, today was the day I spent looking for PVC and latex sheets online. The local stores have proven themselves practically useless, so I have turned to my dear friend mr. Internet. As I checked the variety of prices for cosplay, I started to think about how much money has gone to this cosplay so far. So here's a small rough price range for people who are interested on this side of cosplay.

("We" in this article refers to me and people who have helped me more or less actively, most notable of them being Creli, my roommate who has promised to help me with the electronics and leds.)

1. Materials for making the mold for her helmet ~ 120 eur
(Expanding foam, paint, sandpaper, putty, a stronger file)

We cheated a bit on here and didn't use the most expensive materials available, but due to our inexperience we also had to restock on some of the materials. I included the restocking of the materials to the price, since many people don't take into account that experimenting and making mistakes is an extra 10-20 coins here and there every now and then.

2. Materials for the actual helmet ~ 250 eur
(Worbla, tint spray, leds, circuits, paint, optical fiber for hair)

Same in here. We originally intended to use resin in place of Worbla, but realized soon that what with all the other things in play here that would explode our budget. Creli soon found an option for resin, so for the current version we are going with Worbla. As this is all experimental, we're just hoping that it will be either a great success - or a valuable lesson. At the current moment we've used roughly 100 coins of the European currency, and expect to use another one and a bit over.

3. Latex/PVC for the suit ~ 200 eur
(3-5 meters of purple fabric, 1-2 meters of silver one, glue)

I am a tiny creature, standing only slightly over one meter and a half, so two square meters should be more than enough for a bodysuit of my size. So why this much? Answer: because there is a first time for everything, and I definitely want an extra meter or two of latex just to have some room for experimenting, exploring, and yes, screwing up. I am currently exploring any cheaper options, but so far it seems that the order I will place tomorrow will go only upwards from that, not downwards.

All these make a bit below 600 eur in total. I don't think there should be anything too surprising cost-wise anymore; the worst thing that can happen is that I totally screw up all the latex I get and need to re-order it, or that Worbla turns out to be horrible (read this as: I won't learn how to use Worbla) and need to go for resin either way.

Do note that in addition to the money this is a time sink, and will continue to be that when the latex comes. I've been a bit lazy doing this (*cough* Mythic Raiding *cough* I have an excuse *cough*) but as the summer is approaching rapidly, I must man up and stop procrastinating!

Oh, and have a progress picture. This is slightly before the paint job and Worbla appliance.

You can still see some sharp edges which are to be filed away, and some spots which require fine-tuning by adding the putty (even more filing! Yay). But all in all, it's starting to receive its final form. Next step is to make it evolve into Worbla, and to start working on the uhh... "ear" parts.

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