Saturday, May 2, 2015

My return to the League of Legends

I took a longer break from League of Legends because of a carpal tunnel syndrome, and after that I didn't feel like getting back in the game. That is, until one day my guild leader asked people after the raid if they'd like to join for one LoL game. Since I was game for doing stuff with nice people, I went with them.

(I don't think he minds the minor visibility his videos might get through this blog.)

I've played some casual games with friends against bots every now and then, but haven't really gotten back to the gaming that actively, and they changed Soraka in a way I don't really feel like playing her anymore. Sona on the other hand has been a big interest of mine, and I've gotten fairly adequate with her.

HOWEVAH, we were playing yesterday and I discovered two things.

1) They nerfed Ahri from Assassin to Mage
2) I have played so much supports I have completely forgotten how to play mid

My guild leader is great at WoW, and a nice person overall, but when it comes to his League skills, I... am tempted to use some roundabout words. He is the only person in the world I have ever met who loses at 1 v 1 against Sona.

And he beat me fair and square, Vel'Koz against Ahri.

Okay, in my defense, I had my gaming senpai watching at the game, and I was super nervous. That, however, does not change the fact that I missed almost every skill shot of mine - and so did he! Yet he managed to kill me. I am terribly ashamed.

So I have made it my mission to shelf Soraka from my list and focus on playing Ahri. It's proving to be hard as she has been hit by the nerf hammer pretty hard, but I will not rest until I can swipe the floors with my guild leader in this game with her.

Also, quick update on Sona cosplay: not progressing nicely, currently in progress of trying to find nice latex. Will probably have to order it online, I do however have some progress pictures to show you:

Some tactical information: That is the model for the helmet. I will make one version out of Worbla and see how it turns out, and I might try out resin as well if it turns out to be unsatisfying as end result.

The helmet will be done from transparent materials (plastic or resin), and painted with matte grey and sunglass paint to give the visor effect. I've received one set of led lights already, haven't even as much as touched the hair yet. I think that in order to save time, I'm going to go with the wig.. however, the color is a problem. I'm thinking between blue and green, and a light color...? But then the red might end up looking really meh. I need to think about this.

Maybe a mix of optical fiber and blue/green... no, that will end up looking messy...

*wanders off mumbling to herself*

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