Monday, May 11, 2015

Blackrock Foundry: Blackhand's Crucible

All good things come to an end. The only boss in this wing is the big bad boss, Blackhand himself.

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In this boss I have made my worst screw-up in my current guild so far, and got yelled at accordingly. So go get a cup of tea, this will be the peak and climax of the Blackrock Foundry.

The boss is quite angry that you have taken down all his cohorts and engages you in a three-part-fight, swearing that he will get you even if he has to destroy his whole foundry to do it. The first part is mostly riddled with Demolition: Blackhand attempts to collapse the roof on top of you and you need to dodge the shit from the floor.

A note from your healer: you can stand in the small swirlies if you stand the hell away from the big orange ones. They are not healable. Brown ones are. So if you want to avoid taking excess damage, instead of trying to avoid everything, try to avoid the things that really really hurt.
(A note from healer to all priests: if you haven't already, you will want to grip your tank when he gets hit by the shattering smash. Saves time and a lot of effort. Leap him while he is in the air!)

After you have nuked him down accordingly, he will enter in the middle and bash the floor in. You fall to the second floor, and the second phase starts. There will be bombs on the floor, you will get targeted by mark of death, which you need to go behind the moving siege engines for (while the hunter kites siege engines over mines).

The second phase is where we wiped the most. First phase is pretty easy to grasp once you get the idea of "orange swirly bad" hammered to your mind. However, the second phase is really crammed with bombs, and the fact that you are both supposed to kite the siege engine over the mines AND take the mines behind the siege engine sometimes causes people to pop mines if they don't pay attention.

After a lot and lot of wiping, and after a lot and lot of losing faith, we managed to get the boss to slam the floor in again, falling to the core of the foundry.

This is where things get really interesting. The platform on which you are fighting will get filled with firey shit, so you need to nuke the boss down before it happens, as well as manage Marks of death and bombs accordingly. In our raid we've gone with "bombs to the left, marks to the right"-approach, which should not be difficult to anyone.

So, days and raids passed by, and during one raid, everything was going smoothly on the first try. We would have one-shotted him. We would have gotten him down there and then.

If not for me. I've never heard my raid leader as annoyed as when he yelled "Shena, MOVE!" to the microphone. I moved, but alas, too late, and exploded a bomb in the middle of the raid, as well as got myself tossed over the edge. Combat ress can't reach you when you fall down there, so that was basically it.

There was a freezing silence from the raid lead's end after that, before he kindly explained me again the differences of left and right. I know I had deserved both the yell and the frozen silence, but I was so incredibly ashamed. Oh god. A bomb. In the middle of the raid. I.

So this was the tale of how we got Blackhand down on Normal and Heroic, and how I never, ever, ever failed on Blackhand phase three again.

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