Monday, March 23, 2015

Blackrock Foundry: The Black Forge

The introduction of Blackrock Forge continues! Heroic Blackhand still refuses to go down, but we are working our way there.

Keep calm and let me buff you!
The first boss of The Black Forge initially gave me - and majority of our raid - motion sickness. I'm not lying! It took several minutes for us to recover from this. I am naturally talking about Hans'gar & Franzok.

On normal this boss is not that bad, but you don't have to look deeper than Heroic to see why the motion sickness. Our raid members mostly have difficulties with the movement, and we get killed usually because someone did not move or moved at the wrong time.

It is, however, a whole different thing to move from the mines in a stationary surrounding, and another to stand on the conveyor belts, trying to avoid shit - and then the conveyor belts start moving. As you move between the conveyor belts (a warmly recommendable tactic if you want to live*) you notice that there are stampers descending from the roof, ready and willing to crush you unless you dodge.

* and something we only discovered after doing the boss several times and suffering from motion sickness after each time

The good news is that the pattern of the stampers is very predictable. If it hits one place, it won't hit the same place twice in a row, so you got that going for you, which is nice. As soon as you can hammer this through your head, this fight becomes a lot more pleasant. For myself, I consider it to be one of my favourites in the foundry, even when I don't usually top the meters here. (The paladin does.) It's nice, rhythmic, evenly paced fight, and once you got it noted down, you can waltz through it by instinct.

Same goes, to an extent, to Flamebender Ka'graz.

Our raid leader has a habit. On progress nights, we go halfway with the initial raid set-up. After the halfway, if people are screwing up and progress is too slow, he cuts down the people who aren't earning their salt.

Flamebender is the only boss where I've ever been cut down. For a reason, I admit, but that's my uppermost stingy memory of her. I ended up killing the tanks - twice - with Molten torrent by not bringing it properly over the melee, and on the third time I killed myself. Oh, and our druid healer who tried to salvage the situation after realizing that shit was about to hit the fan.

It was the only mechanic I screwed up in this fight, but man. Screwing up a mechanic three times in a row? I was surprised the raid leader didn't kick me out after the second time. After getting kicked out I read properly up on the boss, studied the mechanics, watched the youtube videos and did some LFR. Never screwed up again.

Other than that the fight is actually very leisure.

Moving on to the final boss of The Black Forge, Kromog.

So I uhh... I've done some reading on this boss, as have other peope in the guild. In my head I still treat it as slightly bugged boss, because the damage we take from it seems to have some non-consistencies within it. I mean, we downed it up pretty fast after people learned the basic mechanics, but sometimes it just seems that basic mechanics won't help here.

The most defining mechanic of the fight is the alternate between "Runes" and "Don't stand in shit". Runes of the grasping earth appear and require you to stand on them. If you fail to catch a rune of your own, you will die. Due to some mishaps and screw-ups people have done on this, we've experimented with almost every imaginable action to save them. Leap of faithing people from mid-air doesn't work, paladin hands won't work. You screw up this one thing, you die. It's not a forgivable mechanic, but it's an easy one.

Kromog's toolkit outside the runes includes Slam, Rippling Smash, Reverbarations and Stone Breath. Out of these, Slam is the only one which seems inconsistent to me. While it does say that the damage should be reduced by the distance of the impact point, I've had at least one situation where I've stood at a "safe" distance and still gotten one-shotted from full health. Sure, I've had another occasion where I definitely stood too close and got exactly what I deserved, but I'm not the only one with this issue.

I should start recording the runs and uploading them to Youtube. That way I could double-check: Did I really stand too close? I hate the kind of people who complain about the mechanics when it's really just their own fault.

I do have one funny story to share about Kromog though; the story of the worst combat resurrection of my player career.

It happened in the same event where I had gotten one-shotted by Slam. Our raid leader wanted me to be resurrected, and so our druid did the deed.

Little did I know that it was all in vain.
He told me later when he whispered to apologize me that he had realized in about a second after the resurrection that this was going to be bad. Firstly, he resurrected me in the middle of Rippling Smash, which is basically a cone of damage.

"Oh shit, no wait, I can do this, I can handle this!" I waltz myself out of the Smash, avoid a red rune of destruction, and realize that four reverberations are coming towards me. Never before and never after that have I seen such a firm wall formed by four reverberations. So, rune behind me, smash in my right side, reverberations closing in to me from the left.

"I can still do this!" said I, casted Penance and dashed forward. It was at that moment when Kromog decided that it was time to "Fuck everything, you especially" and Slam. I stood right in front of him. In hindsight, it was pretty hilarious, but at that moment all I could think was "but I tried so hard!".

Turns out the boss don't care.

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