Sunday, March 8, 2015

Behold, 'tis the start of the cosplay season!

I'm working on a post about Blackrock Foundry and how many ways I have failed on the bosses there, but first there is something far more important to announce. Brace yourselves, for another cosplay season is on to us!

Initially I thought I would take something easy, cheap and low-maintenance as my cosplay. Lilith from Borderlands is a project still on the table, but next to it has appeared a two-year project which walked in my life the moment I logged in to the League of Legends and found that a friend of mine had gifted me something I've been drooling over ever since it was announced: DJ Sona skin.

My arguably most girlish trait is that I like shiny pretty things. Okay, so maybe combined to electronics this stops being a girlish trait and starts being a childish trait (basing this on the fact that Tron: Legacy was one of my favourite movies because oh my god all those lights) but still. I've always been fascinated by electronics, shiny things and lights. That combined with the fact that I love music and playing support/healer characters, and always wanted to make a Daft Punk style helmet.

Plus I love myself quite a bit of the challenge. This will be the hardest thing ever.
All in all this will be a two-year project. For the next summer I'll hopefully have Sona's outfit and the helmet ready, so I can blast around different conventions and test it around a bit. That, and I think I need some input about how hot latex can get in the middle of a summer. Yes, the whole suit is latex. From head to heels. Latex. And no, that thing above her boobies is not an air ventilation hole, that is latex too. Just transparent/grey kind. Go check her character model, I shit you not.

For the next year's summer I will also prepare her DJ pad and participate in cosplay competition. Also to figure out how to walk around with that thing. Also to be flat-out awesome.

I talked things out with my roommate who will be helping me with this, and three things have become obvious by now.
1) This will be a money sink.
2) This will be a time sink.
3) This will be the hardest thing either of us ever did.

Sounds pretty good to me! So what's the deal we're building here?

Initial sketches. Will upload more of them as they get improved.
As far as Sona's outfit goes, the all-latex suit should not be too difficult to build. That is the area which will affect my comfort most and which I am least worried about.

Second thing will be her hair. I want to find a balance between the flowy lighty membrane her character model sports, and an actual "bringing an character to life"-sort of approach. Currently options on the table are a sort of wig, optical fiber, and sheer ribbon/sheer fabric.

Advantages of wig would be the realistic approach, but it will lack a lot of the flowy lighty atmosphere. Optical fiber would be AWESOME, because I could have it change color with the lighting - however, I am concerned about how it might work out in daylight. I mean, sure, it'll be awesome in the dark, but how about during the day? And, finally, sheer ribbon approach. It would have the benefits of both flowy approach and semi-realistic look, but I personally consider this to be slightly meh.

I think it is more than obvious that the most difficult part of the three-set of Sona cosplay will be her helmet.

Model prototypes from cardboard. V0.1.
I want the helmet to have three functions, just like she has three beats to drop: Three color themes so to speak. The first one is her green theme, second one her red theme and third one her blue/purpleish theme. How I go about with these three is still a question mark, but I know I want to be able to change from one to another. Led lights are the way to go here.

The internet is not filled with guides about how to make a led light helmet, but there are many decent enough guides for me to try and make use of several ones. I will refer to the guides here when I've settled properly on one. "Daft Punk Helmet tutorial" has been my most successful search so far, wielding most of the results I am going to use.

Compared to this, Lilith is starting to look like a side project. Still, I will not underestimate her; since she is easy to build compared to Sona, I might as well put some effort into it and try to make it look really nice. That, and I promised that in return for helping me with Sona's helmet, I'd help Techy with his cosplays for the cosplay season.

(Beware, Techy, for I am about to reveal your plans to the whole world.)

He will be my partner in the Borderlands cosplay with the Mordecai, which will be a moderately easy pease lemon squeezey (to quote my current guild leader) thing to do. However, he also intends to make a crossplay debut as a bunny girl. In here I'm mostly his stylist, someone forgot to tell him I have no sense of style. That'll be our secret, all right?

And, finally, I promised to help him with another crossplay which happens either this year or next year when I march out with Sona's DJ pad to kick ass and steal hearts: Neon Strike Vi. That's right, he too will suffer in the hands of full-on latex outfit in the heat of summer. Cosplay without pain is pretentious after all.

We are planning to have a group cosplay for next year, featuring League of Legends characters. Joining Neon Strike Vi and DJ Sona are currently Pentakill Karthus and Sandstorm Katarina. We'll see if we can gather up more people, I'd love to have at least five people so that we can feature a Rift team!

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