Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Discipline is hot

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down
Horde rogues chasing me around
my fair lady

I recall mentioning in here that WoW might be a good game for my current situation in life because it would not be time-consuming.

I take it back. I was being delusional or something.

I have been rigidly shaken down from my delusions by my guild leader. We disagree about a lot of things - I want to know about important information more than five minutes before the raid starts for one - so it is unsurprising that we have been disagreeing about my healing from the very beginning.

What makes the situation very challenging is that we disagree even when we agree. You see, I want to argument through everything. I want to question everything. I want reasons for everything.

For him, the only reason he needs is that "someone who's better than you does it differently, means you must be wrong".

For me, this is not enough.

Pretty soon into raiding he came to me and told me that holy priests won't really stand a chance against other healers and that I should re-spec myself as a discipline one. I might have argued a lot against him on this - but I didn't, because I agreed.

(That, and the oh-so-hilarious nursery rhyme from the beginning describes all my PvP-experiences as Holy.)


Holy fetherage, discipline priests are overpowered. Shields are amazing, no overheal, and I kick ass in PvP - as much as an Alliance character can, really - not to mention that it gave the required boost to my healing. We downed the Imperator on Normal a while ago, and while it's not something to brag about, it was a huge achievement for us.

The disagreements with my guild leader have not stopped there, though.

The internet may correct me on this, but as far as I have understood, the most overpowered healing class currently is the druid. That's pretty much the only class I lose HPS races against, and while I try to reach closer to them, it's always around 2 % off.

My guild leader disagrees with me on this, saying that I should be able to heal 15% more than a druid. We've had some pretty heated arguments about it, where I ask him to explain why I should use mindbender from the tier 3 talents and not Power Word: Solace, which is an obvious choice to me.

I don't mind being corrected, but I want explanations to the question of "why". And it always boils down to the same thing: my HPS is not high enough. According to him it will be high enough when I surpass our insanely talented druid healer as a rule and not as an exception.

"Well, then I'll get better at healing and surpass him, and you will leave me the f*ck alone!"

"Also Clarity of Will IS a viable spell!"

.... with less cursing, because I'm a holy priest at heart and I don't like cursing.

So now I am in progress of trying to do the impossible. I need to surpass a druid healer with a discipline priest.

And yes, while switching guild might work wonders too, I have this thought in my mind that I don't want to quit before I've surpassed the druid. God damn it.

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