Sunday, January 11, 2015

Described by using a video game title

I asked some people to describe me by using video game titles.

Jtek (who I play Portal 2 with): "Twilight Princess. Just the title."

Dazz (who I play WoW with): "Awesomenauts as the title. My first thought was The Last of Us; You're a survivor who keeps fighting on, no matter how bad it gets you carry on."

Curry (MGS3, every year): "The Red Star."

Marquise (League of Legends): "Ico for the title. You are always like 'let's go' ("iko" in Japanese). Shadow of the Colossus for how you are as a person; your way of trying. How you always see things through the end."

All of them pretty good games, I have no complaints of this. 

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