Monday, December 8, 2014

The darkest of Novembers

Usually the amount of light we get during November this far up in the north is 21 hours of direct sunlight. However, this year's November has been particularly dark, rainy, cloudy and gray. Therefore the amount of direct sunlight has been no more than 7 hours during the whole month. This has had the effect of most of my friends and acquaintances having been extremely tired and worn-out throughout the November.

Even I've been more tired than usually, and the darkness of November usually strikes me pretty hard. The first thing I've done in the morning has been to check the weather from the window. If it has been gray, hopeless weather which doesn't reflect beauty nor energy, I have usually rolled around restlessly for another hour or two. I think that I've managed to go out during the sunny weather only once during the whole November. All the other times have been rainy throughout the day, or I have spent the few valuable fleeting moments of sunshine inside, working.

The turning of seasons affects us in the most surprising ways. I'm a person pretty tied to the changing of seasons. I plant seeds in the spring, do gardening over the summer, celebrate harvest and take long walks in the autumn, and rest and sleep throughout the winter. During the winter time I am a particularly tired, silent person, even for the usually silent demeanor I end up having in most of the situations. In the spring I awaken from my slumber, so I'm already anxiously awaiting for the change of year.

I think it's this connection with the seasons which made Harvest Moon on Super Nintendo so intriguing to me. I loved the idea and the game! There are not many things I find as relaxing as planting turnips and making fence in the game. (Except actual gardening, but that doesn't count.) Sure, there was the girl-wooing aspect present as well, but I was never that into it. I just felt that it was a sad ending if the protagonist ended up to the mountain top all alone with his dog, so I usually got him a girlfriend, most often going for Maria, since I related to her most.

I mean, a daughter of a priest, modest, well-mannered and introverted to the point where we can almost call her shy.

The rhythm of the game is somewhat monotone, but it is not without a purpose. I like seeing the results of the hard work put to the farm, not only in the short run, but also over the span of the three years the game lasts. There is only one thing I found disappointing in the game; that I was only given three years of game time with it. I would always be left feeling that the game ended too soon, and hoped that there would be an option to continue the game even after the span of time passed. Not to woo girls, but to perfect my farm! There was never enough time to do everything I wanted to! *pouts*

So far I've yet to try the other, newer versions of the game, although I have heard good things about them. Right now it'll be difficult to try any of the console versions without an emulator, because I'm on the road and will probably keep doing that until the New Year's have passed. I have a laptop for raiding purposes, but I obviously can't have a console with me.

Oh well. The dark November is now over, all I'm hoping is for some snow that this darkness will go away even for a few moments. The December started, the Christmas will soon be upon us, and the raids of Warlords of Draenor have started. My guild has started derping around the Highmaul (of the normal difficulty variety) and so far I have been pleased to realize that I am not the suckiest healer our guild has found. That is a lot to be said for someone who started a new class (priest) and a new raid role (from dps to healer) at the expansion. That, and the druid healer of our guild is insanely good at what he does.

I'm jealous.

The first boss wasn't that hard, except that they fed me to lions--- I mean, tigers. Same with the second boss; right positioning and he was down, piece of cake. Tectus, however... Ugh. We wiped an insane amount on him. Brackenspore wasn't much easier either, even when we did eventually manage to bring him down.

Twin Ogron was a very special kind of challenge for me. I have this bad habit of standing on fire, and so far nothing has taught me NOT to like the spreading fire of the Twin Ogron weapons. That guy went down, too, though, so nothing to fuss about there.

And that's were currently at. I have been streaming our raid progress and our failures (and my funny expressions at my screw-ups) and will do so tomorrow, too. Dreading a bit to the boss, but a lot of the progress I did make was thanks to new key bindings which made my healing two times faster, to the point where it has gotten to an acceptable level. We have three healers in the guild, and I'm conveniently in the middle.

Of course, I probably won't be happy until I'll reach the spot of #1.

WoW is a good way to escape from your troubles, and gaming too. Namely that I'm unable of holding a steady happy relationship because of some of my issues. It would appear that I can be the nicest person ever, but as soon as relationship - or a possibility of it - comes in the picture, I turn into a very withdrawn, secluded, introverted person. It's one of the reasons why I'm currently on the road. Because I'm a walking failure when it comes to interacting with other people.

At least I'm still in good terms with people in my life, but I think that it might take a time before there will be a player number 2 again.

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