Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ko'RAAGH and the joys of streaming

Ko'ragh was the most difficult fight I had to endure in the normal Highmaul. Disregard Tectus and us wiping four times on the trash alone. Disregard Brackenspore and the mushrooms of failure. Disregard everything, Ko'ragh was the hard guy.

"If you get that fire thing, go to that water thing!" was the only description I was given of the trash fight before we ducked in. No-one had bothered to read the tactics, so I'm sure most of you can figure out that it was murder. It was our only attempt for that day, because we were running out of raid time. The next time we took down the trash, and woo boy... we got to try Ko'ragh.

We failed miserably, of course. Fifteen wipes. Fifteen.

Or well, that applies to all of our guildies. I streamed the whole thing through and after rewatching the recording, I realized that we wiped ten times only because we had a severe lack of information regarding the battle tactics and boss mechanics. As a person who doesn't really like needless failures it annoyed me a bit. How hard would it be for us to go through the mechanics, to study them a bit, and then talk a bit about them before the fight? Extremely hard it would seem.

He went down in the end though, right before the instance locks reset for the first time and the Highmaul was open for LFR. I got to say, that I feel like they nerfed the place quite a bit before the LFR people started to run back and forth in the raid - on the second run through the bosses that felt inexplicably difficult earlier now fell with our first attempts. Yay, right?

Well, everyone except Ko'RAAAAGH.

Certainly didn't nerf that guy. Our guild leader was thrilled about our success, ending the first raid on a rather positive note of "On Saturday, we'll take the ten first shadow priests to sign up for the raid as the DPS, I want to do some heroics. Raid over". No, we didn't get Ko'ragh down back then.

Healing with priest gets easier with each passing day. My new key bindings have helped me deal the required amount of healing, but as we are progressing through the raids, people are also getting more and more anxious each time we fail. I don't mind, but the people are also getting more and more sharp with their words.

Our guild is one of those with a really inactive guild chat. Only facts there, very little joking, next to no "getting to know each other". A part of it has to do with the fact that the core group of the guild is formed by people who know each other, but for people outside that circle it is not a very warm or close place. Hence, for me example, I tend to focus 100% on the skills, on the fight, on the mechanics. I'm not paying very much attention to the social dynamics or people in general.

The thing just is.. when people fail and wipe a lot, they're getting impatient and annoyed. That occasionally leads into very stingy conversations and tense atmosphere. Time will show how things will turn out, but my healer soul weeps. Don't fight, don't fight...

I have been streaming our raids and some of my own gaming as well. Not only it's delightful to see that some people keep coming back to see my derpings, but rewatching the streams has offered me a great tool of insight when it comes to healing. I have learned so much just by watching what I do - and what I don't.

(I am also slowly working my way out from the mindset where I dread to hear my own voice from a recording, and where I hate to watch any recording of myself. Even those things have gradually gotten less frightening.)

Although most of it has been fun, there have been some downsides. First of all, I use twitch.tv for streams (my nick is shenagamer for those interested, stream is up Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) and OBS as my software. The latter sports a quite decent amount of technical problems, usually cutting the stream and spending few moments in reconnecting. It's a minor flaw but it does get me if I have to be several minutes offline. A situation that occurs, for example, if the stream cuts in the middle of a lengthy boss fight.

The second thing didn't occur to me at first, but it's, um, related to chat.

"You remind me of a wrench, because each time I think of you my nuts tighten up" and other comments like that are... I mean, they don't really help me to heal in the slightest. I usually tend to ignore the not-so-subtle messages of certain creamy meaning, but it does cause occurrences where I, after a wipe, decide to spend the reminder of the fight checking the twitch chat, sipping the tea...

... and then, while reading a comment about "Hagrid's not being the only giant in Hogwarts if you know what I mean", spitting the said tea all over my lap.

Sheesh. At least buy me flowers first.

In other news, I will be spending the Christmas at my mom's place, meeting up with my little brothers (who aren't very little) and listening them brag about their lives, taking some easy time off from life and all stressful things, and eating a lot. Then, for New Year's, I'm heading to the backwoods of south to spend the change of the year with my group of gamer friends - the same group we meet regularly for some offline gaming with.

Will be the first time in quite a while since I have last seen Marquise, too. We're both looking forward to it.

What I am not looking forward to is that I have a dentist's appointment which I managed to stretch until next month. One of my teeth seems to be... cracking.... because of a wisdom teeth growing straight from under it, so.... aaaaagh, fuck my life, pump me full of sedatives, and pull the fucker out, take my money, I don't care. Just sedate me properly first and I'll be as mellow as a kitten.


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