Friday, October 17, 2014

Computer problems

Was thinking of picking up Eve Online again.
  • As if I didn't have enough on my hands already, but I think I could succeed in juggling a slow-paced game like EVE in my schedule
  • EVE Online would be a better option than WoW, because. In Eve, I can leave my character to mine asteroids for a good while or learn stuff. WoW demands (almost) constant attention.
  • A bit bitter to learn that online gaming mode for PS3 was neutered for Borderlands

... so, yeah. I was going to throw an all-nighter to celebrate the weekend and play Borderlands with a friend of mine, Lodirin (his character of choice being Soldier) who lives across the country. We had been planning for this several days in advance, and both of us were really looking forward to it.

Until, of course, we learned that 

this was news in April 2014.

So fuck that all-nighter, because my pc is currently undergoing maintenance repairs, and I will never ever ever buy a fucking laptop again. Next computer I will buy will have a budget of three grand and I will personally handpick each part and personally attach each and every one of them to make sure that it has everything I need and nothing will be screwed up.

"A bit bitter, are we?" Yes. Now go die in the flames of hell.

So, yeah, obviously I can't really pick up EVE Online before I get my computer back, which could be "at some point in near future" or, well, "near to never". So now I'm left here, with three rugged laptop corpses only good for blogging and anime watching (will finish Acchi Kocchi tonight), PS3 and Borderlands single mode, and books.

I guess I'll hit a bath and then books. Might as well make some pea soup and clean the den a bit while I'm at it.

... sigh. I want to be able to afford the three-grand computer.

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