Friday, September 26, 2014

Technical difficulties

Haven't really had a lot to write about after all. Things are happening at a relatively fast pace, yet it seems that when I look at them, nothing really happens at all. I wonder if other people feel like that as well?

Most of the time since August I've been trying to get my computer to work. I bought a new one in the interests of being able to play more games with more enjoyable level of graphics, but it would appear that either the PC was broken or worthless as crap, because it started crashing one week after I bought it while I was writing or checking e-mails.

So not really for game-making or gameplaying material. It's currently undergoing some repairs (the store people were really understanding for me being pissed off about a brand new computer failing to do even the most basic tasks) and I had a back-up laptop. Had. That one broke down too.


... I've managed to make use of my time by working on the texts and the storyline, playing Hearthstone and finishing some anime series.

No Game No Life was one of the most intriguing anime experiences I've had in a while. It was insanely colorful, rich in characters, both funny and intelligent at the same time. It was a very pleasing experience, with the only downside of it being so short. I'm looking forward to the second season that most likely will be there.

Nagi no Asukara was an emotional journey. My initial reaction ("Looks like an average slice of life anim--- is that a fish swimming in the living room?") did not prepare me for the rollercoaster I would go through. Where NGNL was colorful, NagiAsu was simply beautiful. Last time I was as moved by the visual beauty of anime was Garden of Words, first time being when I watched Air TV. It was heartwrenching too, in the most unexpectable ways.

Finally, I decided to shoot myself to the leg and watch AnoHana. "We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day" is a series that carries heavy melancholic themes with it, so I knew I was bound to cry during it. I was determined not to, and braved myself through the series all the way to the final episode, where I broke down and cried for all the 11 episodes.

To balance things out from NagiAsu and AnoHana I started to watch Acchi Kocchi, which just might be the most accurate definition of "this is your brain on anime" (excluding Paprika, of course).

Autumn is here, and the misty rains don't really tempt me to go outside. That gives me a lot of focus for drawing, games, reading and writing, but none of these make it any more pleasant to wash dishes or do the laundry. Bleh.

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