Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Conventions and game-making

Last weekend I attended a convention as a panelist. It was intriguing, although being around so many people (both familiar and unfamiliar) made me extremely tired and exhausted. I am not, after all, a very social person. I also got a rejection letter from the school I applied to, which does not get to me because I have other plans for next year after all.

Still, it means that I need to educate myself better on few matters.

There are currently three different projects I'm working on gamewise.

Legends of Unsung
An indie RPG about a war-torn land trying to achieve peace.

Virtual Fable
A Visual Novel of people being trapped to humanity's future on another planet and trying to find their way out.

A small pet project, basically meant to polish my skills and educating people on ecosystems and different species.

Since I did advertise this blog in the panel, I guess I'll need to start writing actual content to this blog. So expect to see updates on these projects in this blog, and maybe some other topics as well. I'm getting back to the hang of this writing thingy.

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