Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why I am using this program to tell the story again?

The results of today's playtest. At this point I decided that it'd be for the best if I took a short break, preferably with a nice cup of tea and a great sandwich. Apparently when you don't pay attention, stuff happens.

And yeah, I use RPG Maker. There are several reasons to this, but I'll point out the three that are major to the point.

First one is that I lack the skills and talents to know how to build games from scratch. I am hoping that will change in few years, as I intend to apply to school to study this specific area of expertise, but for now, RPG Maker will suffice. Plus it will give me some sort of an idea of what are the things I can do, what are the things I cannot do, and so forth.

Second one is because it's a program I've never used. I like learning new things, even when they might later on turn out to be useless. I don't think any amount of learning will go to waste (see point 1) especially when there are two things I lack and this program provides me with: graphics and engine.

Third point.


..... well, the actual reason how I originally found this thing was that there was a person I was interested in, and they were using this program for some project. I learned some basic stuff about this program through them.

In other words, things you do to impress a girl. Sigh.

Been getting more and more into this. I got to admit, once I got the hang of this, it really beats the solo queue of LoL. Like, there and back again.

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