Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The reasons I hate Hayase Mitsuki

I'm ill, yet again.

I mean, there isn't any other reason why I would be up at 4 AM writing a blog post. I want to be asleep, but since I start coughing whenever I lay my head down to the pillow, effectively keeping Marc up as well (he has an exam tomorrow too) I figured that I'd just tell sleep to go screw itself with a carrot and idle around on the computer.


Oh, that's right.

I can't recall if I have talked about KimiNozo in this blog.

Probably not, since I hate the series. Or, should we say, I hate Mitsuki, and how everyone is like "ohh Mitsuki you're an angel, you're a goddess, you're the only choice that makes sense". To me, she isn't. It's not that I think that "true love will wait for you if you're three years in a coma", it's her personality that irks the **** out of me.

Liking a guy and then not having the guts to tell about it - not even to your best friend, who tells you that she will go for that guy?

At this point, I could consider it selfless. Except that no, no, wait, instead of swallowing the emotions and biting them back, she decides to wallow in self-pity and not do anything about it. Not until Haruka has her second-episode-accident, and Mitsuki decides to jump to the guy. Some say that it's because mister Spineless, also known as Takayuki, was depressed and she was saving him from the pit he had fallen into, and that's considered true love.

Well, sure. I accept that reason. But after she had dragged him out of there, it was nothing but selfish on her part. She never once clearly speaks out her mind, never ever, causing all of them to be in pain - even herself. While she is not the one who brought about Haruka's accident, she's directly responsible for all the pain that is caused to everyone by her self-centered, oh-woe-is-me-attitude.

If I see one single comment about Mitsuki being "selfless" in this blog, I will ragedelete it and go punch a punching bag for several hours to the gym. She's not selfish, she's the direct cause for all the misery Takayuki is not causing.

.. don't even get me started on that guy.

We are having regular discussions about this with Katsu, who insists all the Mitsuki-shipping and tries hard to make me understand her point of view. Regrettably Mitsuki is his OTL, which makes things more than a bit painful to me, since I hate KimiNozo for RL-related issues. I know about everything that can be said about Mitsuki's point of view, but I still can't tolerate it.

Then comes the why, I presume. What are the RL-issues? Well, I've pretty much lived KimiNozo's story in my own life. Saying that is more than a bit corny, seeing that there hasn't been a car accident, but on the emotional level it's the same old. I used to have a friend who is a lot like Mitsuki in pretty much every regard. The reason why we used to be friends is pretty much the same as for Mitsuki and Haruka in their respective situation.

I'm currently waiting. Waiting, that maybe after four years, I can have my friend back like Haruka did.

I identify a lot more with Haruka, even when I don't hope for her and Takayuki to get together, ever. Haruka could do so much better without him. I guess that for me the ultimate good ending would be that all of them went their separate ways, got hooked to different people and were able to remain friends afterwards, if not even that.

I do not think I will ever truly and utmostly like Hayase. Sometimes I doubt whether or not I will end up even tolerating her. At the moment mere sight of her is enough to cause me to frown and change the subject, or the site I am visiting, or whatever. I don't want to see her, and I will stop talking about her right here and now.

5.30 AM.

I will end this blog post with a short note on how I'm still trying to see how AD Sona is, in any way, a viable choice on anything. I like her visual upgrade a lot, but just because she's a looker doesn't mean I enjoy playing her. As a support, she's squishy and goes *splut* every time I look at her. As an AD she's supposed to be better, but so far I've yet to see it with my own eyes.

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