Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jubilant spring

It's cold outside. I've walked few kilometers today in raging wind and a mixture of hail, ice, snow and water beating my face like spikes and needles. Snow still covers all the forests, rooftops and, well, everything.

Still, I can feel the coming of spring in my body.

The light is increasing outside. It makes me feel rejuvenated. Each time I see pure sunshine, I feel energy flowing straight to my veins. (I probably was a flower in my previous life or something.) I clean up, I do great things at work, I feel social and all is nice. Spring is great time for me.

It's not like that for everyone. Marc's been moody of late, losing his temper more easily, being more grumpy than usual, and having increased difficulties about talking about his feelings. (Inb4 "girl", I know guys don't talk a lot about their feelings.) (I still want an explanation if someone is being a dick to me, boyfriend or not.)

So I had the talk with him about it and he said he doesn't know what's wrong with him, he likes living in here, likes being with me, likes his new school, likes playing LoL with me.  He just feels tired, disoriented and grumpy in general.

I'm not really mad at him, but I feel frustrated since it feels like I can't cheer him up with anything. My increased sex drive has helped, but only marginally. (What also helps is when we take the bottom lane at Summoner's Rift with Sion+Soraka, but that's only sometimes.)

His birthday is coming up. I really want to come up with something really special, to thank him about everything he has done for me. I feel whole as a person when I'm with him, and it really is nice to have someone who I can completely confide and rely in.

I was thinking of a spa weekend during the winter holidays, but I need to think about that. (Can't be clothes, since I bought him a shirt for Christmas. It says "My Uke could kick your Seme's ass". Incidentally, I might have bought myself a top that says I'm "Badass Uke".)

(And clothes wouldn't be special enough anyway.)

Time for evening tea.

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