Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 9th year

Those who get it, get it.

Haven't really updated this blog since November. I don't really have an excuse..
.. no wait, yes I have, because November was NaNoWriMo, December was loaded with work, and then I got a new position at where I work, started playing games again, remembered this blog and decided to check when was my last update.


Why is it that I start thinking "hey, lots of things have been happening, I should totally make a blog post", but when I actually open blogger, my mind goes "hey, can't suddenly remember anything that has happened".

Marc the Kittycat has been the most courteous gentleman ever, still charming me with his witty charisma and daily amount of teasing me. So far I have found living under the same roof very tolerable, as I haven't had the urge of breaking anything and he does almost all of the dishes and laundry. Such is the price he has to pay for the never-ending trolling.

League of Legends is going nicely, though I have been genuinely, sincerely surprised of the amount of shit I have received in regards of "oh ur a girl i feel sorry for you", usually triggered by a serious case of butthurt caused by a lost game. And here I thought that there was nothing special about being a girl who likes video games.

World of Warcraft is going tolerably as well, although I wrote a big rant about how it's not the game it used to be and how it probably never will be again, which I may or may not translate in English someday. Probably not. Few more levels until I can roam Outlands again. Leveling is easy - too easy, too boring. But since I've always hated it, I guess I shouldn't complain about it.

Still not finished with Okami. I visited my old hometown over Christmas days though (the place is still the solid fucking hell it used to be, nice to see some things never change), and while there, visited a friend whom with I wandered the grounds of Africa. We had a plan to buy some sake, make some sushi, and then play some Go while more than a little tipsy.

We didn't do any of those things, but we drank some tea and then she asked me to play through one hard spot in Okami. That kind of visits are the best. (Also she's a Scorpio like me, and her S.O. is an Aquarius just like Marc, so we were having fun talks about Zodiacs.)

Hmm, what else.

Why can't anyone do anything right in wow anymore oh god am I the only one who knows what the tank is supposed to do I'M A HEALER FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Not much.

If one more player reports me for "being a girl" after I kick their asses, I'm going to bite someone's head off.


Keep calm and drink tea.

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