Monday, October 22, 2012

Something to start your 21th of October with


MuvLuv Extra started yesterday (Sunday, 21.10.) and I started reading it on the same day. Unlike Sumika, I didn't go on a walk with my significant one, but I did have a rather leisure day. I mean, who doesn't like sleeping on the couch whole day when it's cold outside? Especially when it's curled next to a pretty girl.

As an explanation, we had a house-warming party over the weekend. Several friends of mine were over (mostly from around the country) to play weird games such as Twister (or, as I accidentally put it, "Twitter game"), Dalmuti, Red November and MtG. Most of the people left on Sunday morning, but one friend of mine, Mishakal, stayed until the evening. She and Marquise were a terrifying leading couple of Dalmuti. We simply couldn't break them down from their throne.

Another friend of mine who lives close by recommended that I'd pick up playing World of Warcraft again (because apparently Mists of Pandaria is awesome) but at the moment it's a bit troublesome since I work so much and don't want to pay a monthly fee. We'll see after December when I know more things about my financial situation, which is currently stuck to the "money came, money went away"-type of payday. My monthly check covers the rent, bills and food, but for November/December there's little to nothing extra, since I need to pay back some loans.

Dear Sandy Claws, for next year I wish for larger salary, since I can't have less bills.

Instead of playing World of Warcraft, I picked up playing League of Legends. I think the biggest reason it has managed to keep me interested is my team. It's not so fun to play dota by any other name but it suddenly becomes worlds of fun when there are familiar people, witty sarcasm and situation comic. I'm known to my team as "Shena", or "that Soraka player", or "the best support ever".

Currently I'm offline, though, since I injured my hand recently by playing xbox Kinect. Don't ask. I don't know either. Doctor said it's two weeks without playing or violin, which is... yeah, a bit pain, but can't be helped. At least I have my books. And piano. And MuvLuv.

I guess that's all. If anyone has any idea which character and which strategy I can use to kill LoL's Ahri, it would be very much appreciated. There's one guy in my team who's being a pain about it, and I'd gladly learn how to make him go back to stare at his nexus few times a game, if possible.

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