Thursday, October 25, 2012

One theory about supports

This text includes a rant. 

There are several things in my life that have occurred because I started playing League of Legends. One is having different insight to the life of healer (because supporting in LoL is different from supporting in WoW, for example). Another is meeting new, rather awesome people.

The third is the amount of psychological conversations I had with Riekis ever since two of my teammates chose to declare their near-undying love for me.

We concluded to a theory that it's easy to fall in love with your support since the support is always there for you, always rescuing you from the rough places, healing your wounds. But since I usually play LoL while I'm stressed, I fail to see the cuteness in lines such as "shut up and let me heal you", usually accompanied by colorful curses.

It's a bit troublesome, but I don't find that as much of a problem as I find it simply weird. I'm also a bit at loss with what I could say, save for "sorry, but I'm taken". And maybe that's all there is for me to say, really. In addition to "your problem, not mine", of course.

The thing is, one of these teammates has chosen the most annoying way ever to convey their feelings for me.

Dear teammate,

you know those guys in elementary school who tease the girls they like by pulling their braids and such? Yeah, you have chosen the same way to express your emotions. You're constantly being an ass to me, even more so than to the other players, and doing/saying things you know will annoy me.
Just so that you know, me getting annoyed does not mean that I like you back. It never will. And what you are doing gets very annoying very fast.
Quit it, or I will switch to AP-characters.


Time for some tea.

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