Monday, September 17, 2012

When life gives you flu, don't try to kick it in the face

You'll end up hurting yourself more than enough.

Being ill sucks. I think my last fever-flu-sore throat combination was somewhere around May, so it's been gone for long enough, but hell. Now I remember why I was hating the world and being a bitch; constant aching, running out of medicine in the middle of the night, looking crap and feeling so crap you can't even rest properly. I think that just about explains why I'm writing a blog in the middle of the night when I should be  getting enough rest to work on getting better.

Well yeah I can't so fuck the world sideways.

Fortunately the new place is bigger than the previous one, because now I can sit at the computer and browse the interwebs without waking Marc up. (He has less time to be considerate of me since he has school and he picked up watching One Piece, but he's doing his best. I think.) So when I wake up, I get up from bed, go in the other room, walk around, eat a bit, sit at computer, curl up at a chair, drink tea, drink rum with tea (or was it the other way around?) until I feel the combination of feeling crap/feeling tired finally weighing enough to sneak to sleep for another two hours or so.

My "sleep" usually combines of rolling around in the bed, most likely keeping Marc awake all through it. On a positive note, I'm not feeling (yet) too weak for boiling my own tea water. On a negative note, It's 2:30 AM and I probably got half an hour of sleep from the five hours I tried  to achieve.

Actually, on a really negative note, just fuck everything.

Marc has been kinda ill as well of late, but tomorrow he goes back to school (after giving his flu to me it would appear). I'm totally ok with it. At least I won't feel guilty about waking him up every damn moment I try to roll over, and if my new hard drive has arrived, I can pester him to pick it up for me. My old one is making this really annoying sound of "about to break, Shen", as it has for a while now. So as soon as the new one arrives, I'm kicking the old one out.

So far I've managed to have this pique my interest. I'd like to try that out. Not sure if all the facts in the article are correct, but having life points instead of instant death sounds interesting. In here, interesting means that I don't know whether I like it or not. The same thing goes for the familiars. I reckon it takes time to get used to something like that, and since it's on a console I happen to have at my usage, I considered buying it as a birthday present for myself next month.

Gothic girls doing scrolling shooter. I mean, why not.

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