Monday, September 3, 2012

The dilemma of pretty/functional

I am talking about nails. Fingernails, to be exact.

This morning, as usual, I woke up early to make breakfast for Marc, sent him off to school for the whatever-electricity-related-stuff it was again he was studying, worked some paperwork and started baking some bread rolls.

I do like baking. And somehow all baked and homemade stuff seems to have this housewifey aura. Not that I mind (well, only a little...) but it got me thinking. I mean, when I think of "housewife", all I can think of is this...

Just look at it.
Mostly, her nails.

I currently have neglected cutting my nails (mostly because I'm not currently in a relationship with a woman and it's not something I need to check every day) and while they're not disgustingly long, they're about the same length as the what's-her-name in the picture (presumably from Desperate Housewives). Well, sure. Maybe long nails are sexy/hot/whatnot.

However, attempting to bake anything that requires you to touch the dough means that loads and loads of that stuff is getting under your nails. Not only it feels uncomfortable, it's a bit lacking in terms of hygiene if you haven't washed your hands properly and paid special attention to the underparts of nails. Also, nail polish. Wearing nail polish means that you are putting the nail polish in the dough. Bread rolls, anyone?

Also, cooking in the finest attire you can muster up from your wardrobe isn't that bright of an idea. One splash and one woosh and it's some laundry you've got there.

So what's the point of a "housewife" in general? If you get labeled under it, what do you need to do? Look pretty or make awesome bread rolls? I mean, I can do them both. But as the statements above show, only one at a time.

While I was pondering this, I discovered something that allows me to work on baking for few hours now without having to change the song on the background ( so I'll commence from here to melt my brain, cut my nails, make the bread rolls and educate myself about the Return to Ravnica.

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  1. I believe in practical but pretty aprons. No stains on my dress.