Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One story about MuvLuv Extra: Part 2

Continuing from the previous post, contains spoilers. If you haven't read Muv Luv yet, why not have some Lilly from KS instead?

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I would say that Muv Luv caused me to question everything I believed in. Morals, norms, emotions - myself, and the life I am leading. Okay, so maybe it didn't start in Extra, but Extra did a damn good job in building a solid foundation for that. It might be just a high school comedy that never rises above the "average" rating, but I enjoyed it, greatly and sincerely.

Somehow, from the very first part, I got the feeling that Sumika is the canon character. Maybe that's one of the big reasons to why I started to identify with Meiya. As for the others, I'm slightly workaholic and always trying to balance the duties I have for my work with duties I have for the one I love. I constantly strive to become better in different walks of life, including various skills in personal life and various fields of work expertise.

Plus it might be the "I exist for your sake"-way of thinking I'm way too keen on. That's another balancing battle, the constant tipping of the scales named "servitude" and "pride". And that's yet another thing, Meiya's pride, and burning wish to be of use to someone. In Extra, to Takeru, and in UL/AL to her country, and Yuuhi.

Before I started reading Extra, Katsu made me promise not to hate Meiya. At first it seemed very logical, as I was being very prejudiced towards her, but nowadays I can't quite understand my reasoning. Maybe it was because it's âge, and I connected Meiya to Mitsuki. (A gentle reminder that I used to hate her with passion.) Oh well. What makes it sad for me is that it doesn't matter how much effort you see for the subject of your crush, whether or not they fall for you is still pretty random.

Ah, also. The promise that made Meiya to try to claim Takeru for hers in the first place is another thing that connects us. It's not that someone made me a silly promise like that as a kid, but it's more like... when someone promises me something... it's for good, you know? If someone tells me that they "love me forever", it's not just two weeks or two years. It's always. This year and the next. And the year after that. And the year after that. Et cetera.

It's stupid, and it's naive, and I feel sorry for Meiya for thinking like that. No, I'm not in love with Meiya, but I identify a lot with her. That's why I think her story, while noble, strong, proud and just, is also heartwrenching. But I'll get to that later, because in the Extra I could just pick her route and feel good about everything.

Before I get on writing about Unlimited, I'd like to take this chance to mention that I don't really hate Sumika. But she's a bit... well. Difficult to say. I can identify with some parts of her, but not as much as Meiya. Compared to Sumika, I'm restrained. And I'd say I'm smart. (OR at least my smart moments are more frequent than Sumika's.)

Ah well.

Other, non-related stuff: I finally dyed my hair black, Marc loves every inch of it. Okami is progressing nicely, I'm torn between wanting to finish it and not wanting it to end. Seriously, there's nothing better after a rough day at work. Settling into new town has gone nicely. Work is cool.

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