Monday, August 13, 2012

One story about MuvLuv Extra: Part 1

So, I have now finished reading MuvLuv.


And Unlimited.

And Alternative.

I digged up the previous post I made somewhere abouts in the beginning of the Extraverse, and I have been alternating between headdesking and mentally apologizing from Meiya through the whole morning. Alternating. Ahem.

I never made another post after that, mostly because I thought "I'll just play this thing and then I'll update my thoughts". So now I thought I'd dump them all here.

THIS INCLUDES SPOILERS; GODDAMNIT. If you haven't read MuvLuv (or watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien) go read a post about Rin from Katawa Shoujo or something.

Let's start from the very beginning. My first touch with Âge was Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, an anime series that... okay, I admit, I hated it dearly. And with passion. Especially I hated Mitsuki. At first it was because she was a treacherous bad friend, but when I watched it again not too long ago, it turned into "there is no such ending in real life even if you do give your everything for a guy"-type of scorn.

And I hate Takayuki. Weirdly, I didn't hate him too much on the first watchthrough, but was blaming Mitsuki from everything. Now, when I watched it again, I just hated Takayuki. With passion. I want to shoot him in the head. People like him should just...

... ahem.

So I first encountered MuvLuv when I was at Katsu's and he started ranting about this VN he had loved dearly, playing me the first part of Extra. I was fairly interested and intrigued, but never really got as far as to ask him for technical support with it. Then, last year, the subject popped up again, and I found myself staring at Sumika. And Meiya. And, only a bit later on, all those characters I had never met before and that I would come to love. Each and every one of them - even Ayamine, who, for the longest while.

And yes, I admit. I hated Meiya in the beginning. I thought I'd identify more with Sumika, the reckless and ill-tempered girl I am, and I just thought "oh great, now there's another woman who's just going to up and perfect and sacrificing lives for the sake of true love, bitter bitter scorn scorn, fuck you and your happy ending". So of course I'd go for Sumika.


Well, actually right. I did go for Sumika. But around halfway through I started feeling a bit weird. I think it was at the Lacrosse arc (which most people seem to hate) when Meiya somehow arranges the light to the field so that they can continue practising when I first thought ".... Meiya, you know, you are actually pretty cool person".

But I was still steering towards Sumika, very solidly. Then, suddenly, Takeru has one of his dreams from his childhood, everything is revealed, and I...

.... ohgodwhathaveIdone.

So, yeah. Sumika's good ending felt like I had played my own bad ending, because I suddenly understood everything and started to identify a lot with Meiya. Maybe I hated her in the beginning because she has parts I don't like about myself. (And bigger boobs.)

For now though, I will need to cut this one short, add "Part 1" to the title, and rush to the wonderful world of working with children. Time to teach them how to play tag.

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