Monday, August 27, 2012

One story about Muv Luv Unlimited

So, after finishing the two main heroine routes in Muv Luv Extra, I arrived to the starting screen. After staring it for a while, I sent a message to Katsu, something along the lines of "Where did Sumika go and why they all seem so... different?" I am fairly sure that the reason for him not replying was that he was busy dohohoho~ing in his gamer lair.

I'm not quite sure what I expected. But a world in ruins and mecha remains was not quite on the top of my list. That, and the alien invasion stuff thing. Or, well, anything.

"Whatever, let's just go with this", I thought, and so my journey to Unlimited begun with Takeru's tardiness. It had been approximately less than 20 minutes when Yuuko had told him not to address anyone he recognizes by name (because for the obvious reasons, they wouldn't recognize him) and yet he went all "MEIYAA!!!" at the sight of her.

I did identify a lot with Extra Meiya, but I think when I met her in the Unlimited, I finally really started to think her as "me". She is a lot more down-to-earth, dutiful, speaks commoner (as Katsu kindly put it) and demands a lot from herself. So I lived most through the Unlimited thinking Meiya as "me" and Takeru as "him". This may be something you'd want to keep in mind while reading this.

Unlimited is different from Extra, a lot more serious, a lot more demanding, a lot less childish. But still, all in all, it has elements of comedy. One could even say that it's a corny introduction to war. (At least compared to Alternative, but we'll come to that eventually. So, patience.)

For myself, I never got rid of the feeling that Unlimited is not a detached part in itself, but instead an introductory part to Alternative - but since I was planning on playing all the parts through anyway, I didn't really care much. So I went on ahead and enjoyed the differences between this world and Extra, and the joys of cat's cradle (which I suck at in real life, by the way).

Russian albino girls.

The girl above gave me a heartache when she appeared to the screen and introduced herself. It wasn't difficult to draw a line between the names of "Kasumi" and "Sumika", so from the very first moment I was certain that she had something to do with Sumika. While I was trying to make different theories about who she was, what was the brain in the cylinder and if she possibly is the "Sumika" of this world, it didn't need any theories to guess that she's a [SPOILER] psychic [/SPOILER].

Takeru's hazy sense of realization and slow growth into the world he has been pulled into is not enjoyable to watch. One of these reasons is, I think, because the reader undergoes the same kind of dilemmas, same kind of anxiety, same kind of agony, as he does - to some extent. Unlimited deals a lot with difficult issues of life, such as life and love, friendship and trust, overcoming your ego for the sake of greater good, and - above all - finding the driving force of your life.

"Do you have anything precious to you? Something you want to protect, be it a person, ideal or a place?"

That made me consider carefully what do I consider these driving forces in my own life. There are several, and I noticed that most of them are people: I'm striving and working from day to day for Marc, for my friends (Katsu, Kioshi, Wolf, Cassie, namely) and, to some extent, for myself. To satisfy my own urge to be better in life.

The BETA gave me big creeps (but I'll be getting back on that when I get to talk about Alternative), and... I instantly started to miss the Tsukuyomi from Extra. Marimo was a big surprise, a positive one. I liked to see her like that.

I think that my brain was constantly working overtime when I was playing Unlimited. I tried to understand everything, all the secrets behind the Brain, Kasumi and Yuuko (though understanding Yuuko proved futile in every twist and turn). (That is, trying to understand her HIDDEN motives.)

I wandered on Meiya's route, which made the ending choice almost an impossible one. I didn't want to leave, and I didn't want to leave her. Heck, as I stated, I was thinking Meiya as me. And I knew for sure that I wouldn't want to be left behind if it meant the one I love most would have to stay down here. I wanted to stay with her, to fight with her, to live and die with her.

But if the choices would have been "one of us HAS to go", I would choose to send her away. Could be cold considering what I just stated above, but if the spot has to be filled, no use wasting a good life, right? So I chose to send Meiya away. A little bit after that Kasumi sent vigorous chills up and down my spine, and I just stared at the screen (after she told that I "would not understand"). And Unlimited just started to scream "HI IMMA PREQUEL TO ALT" in my head again.

So, in the end, I got my ending, I cried a little, then went back.

The motherf***** were misleading me with the choices. Apparently there's no "I'll go, you stay"-option at all, but the "okay, you can stay"-option is the one I would have wanted. After banging the desk with my fists from frustration, I got the option I wanted.

And then we moved on to the harsh realities. But I'll be telling you all about that later.

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