Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scribbling about escapism

I recall writing something about escapism and gaming in one or more of my earlier posts, and I intend to return to the subject in this one.

There are times in your life when you come home from school (or work, or loitering, or whatever it is you do with your days) and you just sit down to your console for some casual, relaxing gaming. Maybe you just want some thrill in your life after a dull workday, or perhaps what you long for is a calm, monotone game with no point and purpose other than relaxing.

Then there are those days when someone pours a mental barrel of liquid shit all over you, and the only thing good about raining outside is that even when you are trembling and shivering when you finally reach your destination, at least it washes most of the filth off.

For me, gaming is mostly for either stressful or sad days. My game of choice for stressful days would be either Okami or Harvest Moon, and for sad days an rpg or some really sweet visual novel. (I can almost hear Katsu yelling to my ear; "visual novels are not games!")

It's sort of weird how I like to play visual novels whenever I'm having difficulties with people and relationships. And especially the ones with all the drama and stuff. I guess that even when I hate drama IRL, I like to play games where everything turns out to be okay despite it.

Then, on to the lifestyle sidenotes of this blog. Despite the summer being rainy and cold and guh in general, I have been spending a fair amount of my time outside. Went to two conventions, cosplayed Chandra, it went well. Got a job, moving out in two weeks' time. Marc is the kitten he always is.

Xbox360 broke, and now we are struggling with the dilemma of "buy a new one or wait until 720 when it comes out" (given it allows the play of 360 games).

Yeah, Rin. It is.

Also, I'm going to make another MuvLuv post soon. I think, as soon as I'm done playing Alternative.

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