Monday, July 30, 2012

Dentist fear

I seem to possess an abnormally high fear for going to dentist's. Due to my hysterics whenever I go there, I have been assigned sedative pills. I take one just before going there, sit for 30 minutes, march in the room and pretty much fall asleep in the chair. I don't usually remember much about the operation, much less from the time two to four hours after it.

I am not, however, allowed to leave the dentist's office without someone escorting me. I usually resort to a trusty friend, and all these trusty friends never forget a thing I have said or done while under the effects of the aforementioned pills. Few examples involve me getting very, very emotional over some colored windows in an apartment house ("Why is all that grey trapping those colours inside? It's so wroooooong"), getting very annoyed when there was a direct line of windows on one building and then they suddenly ended ("That disturbs the continuum!") and telling my friend to remember something incredibly important in case I forget it ("You ready? Okay, here it goes: a man is smoking under a tree. A man is not smoking under a tree. Get it?").

So, few days ago a filling came off my tooth, taking along with it a piece of my valued chomping tool. I effectively freaked out while Marc tried to assure me that it's okay. I didn't want any crap to get in the hole, so I asked him to go to pharmacy and buy some temporary filling stuff. He returned, I tried to stuff some of the thing in the hole, and succeeded. And then it started hurting.

Some painkillers and sedatives later I managed to sleep. (Apparently I had, however, a really interesting point of view how the pillows are 'good guys', since they aren't eating my head, and the blankets too.) And, in the morning, I went to the dentist, and he was the best person ever. I don't always leave the place smiling, but when I do, it feels kinda nice.

Another thing that has funny effects on me is caffeine. I don't drink coffee, I always drink tea, so whenever I am tired and decide to have some coffee, it kinda gets to me. But that's a story for another time.

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