Monday, June 4, 2012

"Woops, divided by zero."

So Marc departed to his heroic quest of entrance exams for some maths.

I has his Xbox, summer vacation, and Tales of Vesperia. Nyehehe.

I have successfully recovered from my cold (apparently by giving it to everyone who came to hug me when I graduated - happy summer holiday, class) and, in addition to gaming, have spent my time with fixing my cosplay props.

Well, or, kinda trying. And failing. And trying and failing some more. I have this nasty feeling that I might need to skip the cosplay part of the first convention of the summer (which is not too far away anymore) and just wear lolita clothes.

That is, if I won't manage to finish it. I'm trying to be devoted to finishing it, but it's been very rainy here lately, and rain makes me sleepy. And they promised it wouldn't end this week either... peench.

So Tales of Vesperia.

I don't always rate games by how good their fighting system is, but when I do, I usually do it because the system somehow pleases me. I'm usually in for RPG's because of the good story, and random encounter battles (or, in fact, any battles at all) are a thing that happens while I try to pursue the story.

I didn't really have high expectations for ToV. I mean, to begin with, I thought the main character was a girl before he started speaking. And even after discovering that he's a guy, I had hard time not snickering at his name all the time. (Yuri, in case you were wondering.) All in all it seemed to be very good, but average.

I probably shouldn't just say anything since I'm still in the process of playing it, but I like how the plot advanced from "kinda cheesy average" into "actually kinda deep issues"-sort of plot. The character development was nice (even when I'm cringing a bit to the english voice acting). (It's not that bad. But, in places, it seems terribly overdone.)

But the battle system, I approve of it. Even to the point where I'm willingly entering the battlefield, because I enjoy the thrill. It's complicated enough not to be dull, but not too difficult for an average gamer to enjoy. It offers variety (playing Estellise as a combat healer). (In before: "it's not the most efficient way of playing", I know. I just happen to enjoy it most like that.)

Also, on a random sidenote, I enjoy the multiplayer with Marc, because whenever he's on my team, we simply can't seem to lose to anything. (He gets very distracted if we play in the mornings though, because I don't usually like to wear a lot of clothes if I can just laze the day at home.) When I play alone, though...

... stupid entrance exams.

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