Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kotomi is a Dandelion Girl

Job interview!

I'll be going to another city for a job interview. When I come back, I promised to make a chocolate-apricot cake for Marc. He was pouting last night, wanting to know when I'd be back. "On Tuesday evening" was too long a time, so I wanted to do something to make it up for him. He seemed to be satisfied with this deal.

After finishing Pretear, I took up watching Clannad again. Fuko and Kotomi are both tearjerkers. It's very sad to be forgotten, but it's also sad how a child cannot comprehend the loss of her parents in any way. Also, from Kotomi's story, adults can be such asses sometimes. There would have been a lot less pain for Kotomi if the man with sunglasses had been a little less of a prick.

Spoiler: He just waltzed in like "You don't know me, but I know you. Your parents are dead, but never mind about that. So, little girl, will you let a strange man in your house? We can cry about your parents later." *headdesk*

If I manage to get the job I'm applying for, I'll have to move next month. It has been a reason for me to try and finish Eternal Sonata which I borrowed from a friend of mine. (Visited her yesterday; we had animated discussions about why PS3 wasn't as great a success as it was anticipated to be.) Incidentally, my favourite composer of all time is Frederic Chopin.

Ah, well. Breakfast and then away!

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