Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First strike!

> Be cuddling on the bed
> things get pretty intimate
> I suddenly lay my hands on my face
> "I forgot to buy cheese from the shop".
> Marc's expression


Then he started laughing.

Then I told him to stop teasing me. It's not that I was particularly thinking of my shopping trip at that moment, it just came to my mind, and I happened to blurt it out loud.

So, between the time I watched Final Fantasy VII: Last Order (an anime short movie) and discovering that they have made an intro for the fictional anime series featured in Welcome to the NHK, I watched Tales of Vesperia: First Strike. After spending most of the game groaning over the fact that the former friendship of Flynn and Yuri is not introduced or opened in any way in the game, the anime movie was a save.

I like Yuri's character, but I was having difficulties trying to define whether Flynn just has a really bad daddy complex or if he just is dreadfully afraid of death. Nevertheless, it was a really nice peek in the world of Vesperia.

And, if you have no experience from either of them, I shall give you the advice Marc told me: "If you don't have any experience, you should watch the movie first!"

My shoulder muscles are all knotted up.

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