Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey, remember when I told you Marc was ill? Apparently he's not anymore. Know what's the quickest way to cure a cold? That's right, give it to someone else. So it's morning hours (early ones too), and I'm coughing and sneezing my tiny existence to oblivion. (Watching Pretear with headphones since I don't want to wake him up.)

Kinda failing at it anyway since he just woke up and asked if I need tea. Waaahhh... he is really too nice for me.

Yesterday was my last day at my current school. I am very happy that I won't be going back anymore. I'm bad at lies and pretending, and this whole last year has been one big drama fest. It doesn't help that I've become the easy target, either (I transferred from another class so I was already an outsider when I got there). On a positive note, I have read lots of books this year when I was minding my own business.

MuvLuv advances slowly, but I haven't started on Rin's route yet. (My feels are not ready.) Instead I have been trying to get on with Vesperia. I'm just like that in every aspect of my life; starting many things at once, then concentrating on finishing them.

A short note about Pretear; it's about as good as a cliched "battle against evil"-anime can be, and Mawata's story really jerks out some tears. Then again, I guess it's really obviously aimed for girls; the female protagonist is constantly shielded by the knights of the series (literally too), and it has many issues about solitude and wanting to be saved.

I do keep wondering why girls always want to be protected like that. Is it the same with guys as well? Or are guys just happy to take the role of a knight? (In before "it depends from a guy", I know.) I'm viewed (as far as I am aware) as a person who always survives the blows and can take the world head on, who helps others and never gives in.

That's why I guess it's foolish, the fact that I am just a girl after all.

However! The one thing I like about Pretear is that the female protagonist doesn't just stand around doing nothing. No, she fights. Unlike, let's say, a certain protagonist from a certain Twilight series. Holy fucking hell, Bella is a bitch. "Lol, I am dumb, lol, I can't do anything, I'll let my boyfriend do all the work." I managed to sit through the first movie, feeling all the time like I want to cry from sheer frustration. How can someone like that?

Also, this picture gave me and Mer (a good friend of mine) of mine a long time of laughs. When you just glance at the picture, you might misinterpret it a bit. (We did.) Mainly because you don't necessarily realize that it's Himeno's HAND HE IS HOLDING YOU PERVERTS.

Time to go to demand more tea.

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