Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stories from this week

So, on Monday I had a 10-hour workday at the office, which normally would not bother me since I got much work done, but I got a migraine as well.

> No food at home
> Forced to go to grocery store
> Painkillers won't work
> Fffffffffuuu....

I soldiered to the bus which was supposed to go straight to the store that might still have been open, but for some reason the bus driver stopped to the central area and ordered everyone out. Further inquiries about "but isn't this bus going to..." resulted in responses in French. Well, fine. Fuck it.

Tired, hungry, and overcome by migraine, I wandered a bit back and forth until I came to a cafeteria that was still open. I had a wishful thought that maybe I could have a sandwich or something, because the hunger was getting rather bad, only worsening my migraine, which at this point caused my hands to shiver and me feel rather nauseous.

"Sorry, we're out of sandwiches."

Should have guessed as much. I ordered some tea and decided to pour half of the sugar bowl on it to get enough energy to walk back to the bus station. At this point I was so tired, so hungry, so disappointed and so in pain that I was actually in verge of tears. I must have looked pretty pathetic, because few moments later the waitress brought my tea and said:

"You know, actually, I got one sandwich left. So if you want, I could make it for you?"

Blessed girl. I left her extra big tip while leaving, feeling less hungry, less migrained, and less hated by the world.

This week in general I had the luxury to visit some youth offices around the area that are doing outdoor activities with children and young people. On Tuesday I had the honor of visiting an adventure park that concentrated wholly on height exercises. And by height exercises, I mean climbing and adventuring at 20 meters from ground.

I'm not afraid of heights. Really, I'm not. It's completely normal to feel nauseous and dizzy if you look down from 20 meters.

Especially since I couldn't visit the damn grocery store on Monday and I didn't have anything to eat.

Three more days and I'm going back home. Last time I came home from travelling Marc came to meet me to the airport. I thought the hug he gave me would never end (not that I did mind). This time I'll be arriving so late that we'll meet on Thursday, and I'll spend the night at a friend's place.

Poor Marc the kitten has fallen ill. 39 degrees of fever doesn't sound too nice. Told him to drink a lot of alcohol. Not sure if it will actually be of any help, but at least he will have much more fun being ill.

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