Monday, May 28, 2012

Squeaking toy

I guess this falls under the category of both "random stories" and "things I never needed to tell Marc in the conversation of there-is-something-you-should-know-about-me because he found it out on his own".

I'm very ticklish. Depending on the moment, day, and the position of the planets, I can start hysterically giggling and screaming even if someone strokes my stomach. On normal days, a brush against my leg can be enough to trigger the horror. (Teragon was one of the people who learned the hard way that I'm ticklish; I accidentally kicked him straight to the chest when he tickled my feet. After that he never tried again.)

The thing is, I make very peculiar noises. Marc says I never did the same noise twice; I squeak like a toy. It sounds really weird.

Marc's face whenever I squeak.
So I guess it's funny dating a squeaking toy.

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