Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fever problems

> Sneeze, sniffle, cough
> Go to sleep and hope it's over when you wake up
> Wake up, take some more medicine
> Sneeze, sniffle, cough
> Back to sleep
> Continue the cycle for an unlimited amount of time until you are cured

In addition to being restless and anxious, it would appear that my fever makes me a weird person to be around. Teragon derived fun moments when my fever doesn't allow my brain to function normally. Teragon finds it hilarious that I have difficulties detecting sarcasm, between-the-lines implications and metaphors, which are usually my speciality in a conversation.

Rinsider it like this.

Marc says I talk in my sleep. He also tells me that he can never make out what I tried to say, but I'm not sure if he means that or if I blurted out something embarrassing and he wants to spare me from the shame.
He's a really sweet guy. Maybe I'll buy him some flowers when I have gotten better.

He'll be taking his entrance exams next week, for some math-related studies. I'm hoping he'll do well; he said that he looked up all the assignments from previous years, and that they were easy, so I think it's going to be all right. I sometimes feel like I should poke him about revising a bit more, but I don't want to be pushy. And I don't understand maths very well, so I don't really know how it can be revised. (That was always a problem for me during math exams.)

I should dye his hair. I already dyed mine yesterday (despite the fever it turned out to be quite good). 

If you don't know the color, here's a reminder. I don't  like wigs.

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