Friday, May 25, 2012

"Do it for her."

Just a corny text about a conversation I had with an online friend some weeks ago. Nothing to do with vidya, save for the pictures.

"Don't you think Marc is kinda beta?"
"Uhm, I dunno. I mean... he has recently started to improve his life, doing sports and whatnot?"
"And who is he doing it for, pumpkin?"
"... for me."

> That feeling when a guy has made you his "do it for her"-girl
> that feeling when you realize he's kind of building his life around you (we're planning moving in together, I'm moving to another city and he's following me there, he applied to another school for this, he started many things he wasn't doing before we started dating, he caters to my every whim)
> That feeling when I see himself doing things he probably wouldn't do on his own, starting up sports, finding studies he actually feels motivated for (instead of doing the things his ex wanted him to do), dreaming about the future.
> If it this is beta, is it really that bad?

When we first started properly dating and I discovered that he has some issues with his life, I laid the options out for him. I could become his therapist if he wanted to, but in that case I'd refuse to date him. He would get a happy life and me as a friend.

Or, he could

and have me as a girlfriend.

He chose the latter.

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