Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two extremes

Most of the time, Marc is a really cuddly creature, a small kitten in a guy's body.

> First time apart ever after few months of intense dating
> was four days
> tells me he misses me
> "Aww, that's so sweet."
> tells me that he pokes and strokes the computer screen while watching my pictures because he can't poke and stroke my face.
> not sure if sweet or slightly creepy

Then there are some times when I can't exactly describe him as "an affectionate kitten".

> Talking about my ex
> Wasn't really a nice person to me
> "I hope we never meet."
> "Why's that?"
> "Because I'd feed his intestines to him. And watch his expression while beating him with his own arm."
> seems to be kinda serious about it
> "..... uhm, I hope you two never meet either."
> not sure if protective or slightly creepy

Not much to say in regards of gaming. Except that I finished Hanako's route in KS and will be making an entry about that. And that it's fecking freezing in here.

Moar tea.

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