Monday, April 9, 2012

Things people have said to me about gaming

> This guy I used to know through my ex
> "Yeah, I think girls are cute when they play games. I mean, if you are playing a game and you go up the stairs, if a guy is holding the controller, he just pushes the joystick. But if it's a girl, she moves the whole controller up if the guy is going upstairs and down if.. yeah."
> "I don't do that."
> Totally do that sometimes

> At Marc's place for the first time
> "Hey, is that a Gamecube?"
> He shoots me a really weird look which seems to be indicating a question "what, you know what that is?"
> "And Xbox! Hey, let me see your games, I want to see if there's anything I want to play."
> He stares at me dumbstruck while I squeal at OoT, SM64 and Tales of Vesperia
> Later tells me that he thought I'm too beautiful to be a gamer person
> oh you

> Playing in the morning, wearing his t-shirt and underwear
> looking really like a messy, really into the game though so I don't care
> "You look hot."
> Marc's comment that threw me completely off-guard.
> nani?

> This therapist I used to see had this theory about games being my escapion route from the world I deem to be too harsh for me to face, and that they'd give me an illusion that my life was meaningful
> Same person claimed that since my parents divorced and I was left alone as a child, I want to repeat the cycle and dump all my friends, all the people I love, and I just want to hurt people
> I find myself still sometimes wishing I was that way, because if that was true, then I maybe would have managed to dump one or two guys that were making my life a nightmare while we were still together. I guess I was too attached to let go
> On a positive note, they showed me few really good games while we were together.

> "I think you spend too much time playing."
> I think this is what every parent tells to their child.

> "Girl gamers don't exist"/"There are no girls on the internet."
> Maybe Imma cyborg.

> "I don't like games." Many girls I've met.
> "You just haven't met the right ones." Though every time I say that I feel like I'm trying to convince a lesbian to become straight just for the heck of it. Maybe I should stop saying that.

> "I don't play too much." Many guys I've met.
> Well, I'm not one to speak about too much gaming, but I can be pretty much like every other woman in existance if I don't get enough attention because of a game Marc is playing.

> "You should totally play <x> because it's the best game ever."
> "Oh yeah, why is it the best?"
> "Because it just is cool."
> Sometimes I find these people annoying as hell. I don't mind recommendations for new games, actually I have found most of the games through the recommendations. But it would seem that some people I've met recommend games for me because they seem to deem me completely unable of having my own taste for games (when I tell them that I don't like FPS games or shooting games, they usually recommend something like that anyway. Because it's just simply so good that everyone must like it).
> I don't know if it's because they're determined that every single soul on earth must love that game, when usually they can't even phrase verbally WHY the game would be so good that I should pick it up from the game store shelf, or because of my gender. I've met both cases, and then I've met some nutcases who seem to be neither. Go and tell.

Was in Nospelt today, it's a small village in Luxembourg countryside. There was this marketing day sort of thingy. Was good. Wine was good, and the treats were good. Even when the weather was shit awful.

Starting to miss my Playstation.

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