Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running for cosplay

"Cosplay without pain is pretentious."

The quote above has been used several times to educate me about what's so lovely (and so horrible) about cosplaying, by those who are more experienced on that field than I am. Having now ordered 6000 aluminun rings for Chandra's chainmail armor, and spending every evening until the summer vacation time fumbling with them, trying to get them set on place, I can't but say that I agree.

Since there's not too much I can do from here, I've been spending my time ordering things, planning what I do and when I do after I get home in order to get everything done by the first convention. I have also managed to convince Marc that he should totally cosplay with me.

And then I succeeded to convince him.
 So in addition of planning my cosplay, I started looking into his as well, because he hasn't really done it before. Last night we had a chat (or, rather, I was listing him things from another chat I was having with a friend of mine, Parapluie, who actually has studied to be a textile artesan) and I made him a list of the things he should get for himself, for me, and for both of us.

So this day has advanced in me receiving text messages about him ("Is this okay? Is this good?") and me deciding whether or not it's okay and responding to him. Oh, and me running. I was feeling a bit under the weather earlier, but it passed, and therefore I decided to give running a try.

Ten minutes running, five walking, and another ten running. I think that's the best I've managed in years.

Can't say I don't feel proud about myself. Feels good to be out and running, even if it's just to get fit for cosplay.

For me, I want not only to make the suit as accurate as it's possible with my humble skills, but I also want to think of the character's mindset when doing a cosplay. All the cons where I was as Aeris were rather calm and peaceful. I think since I'm doing Chandra they might have a bit more spark to them.

And since Chandra doesn't really seem skinny, that is, in a "can't-do-anything-because-oh-Im-so-fragile"-skinny, neither is she really bulky, I figured that getting in shape is something I hafto do. (Aeris was easy. She was the 'ohsofragile'-type.) So running, exercise, push-ups, dropping chocolate (except now, since it's Easter and everyone is pushing me Belgian handmade chocolate) (I'm still rationing it though) and most of the wheat, eating lots of nuts and fruit to get all the vitamins, and stretching. I hate stretching. I hate it even more than I used to hate running, if possible.

I just hope that when it comes to the sewing of leather, my fingers will have the same dexterity my legs have gained during running.

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