Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random moments from life

I thought I'd make an update about why I play Metal Gear Solid on Independance days, but I can't be bothered to do that just yet. So here you go, some random moments from my life, including either gaming, dating or friends.

> Before I started going out with Marc
> Sit at a local geeking shop, reading shoujo-ai manga
> Teragon passes me by, checks what I'm reading, then calls me lesbian before going on
> I turn to Marc, fake big teary eyes, and say: "He called me a lesbian."
> "Well, he probably didn't mean it. I mean, usually girls like guys."
> "But... I like both!"
> His face. I will never forget his face
> "Well uhm"
> He tries to come up with something to say, fails, opens and closes his mouth like a goldfish, looks aside, and finally drops his forehead on the desk in a headdesk manner.
> I start giggling. Really much.
> "Stop laughing!" Slams his fist on the table, in an attempt to look scary.
> I start laughing even more.
> All that embarrassment on his face

> After we started dating, I noticed he gets embarrassed and flustered easily
> Decided to buy him pink roses
> "... what did you buy yourself roses for?" Dodges when I try to give them to him, trying to walk past me
> "They're for you." He freezes and eyes the roses like there's a bomb hidden in them
> "You bought me roses." His powers of observation amazed me.
> "I bought you roses." I stuff them under his arm and happily prance ahead.
His face, when he carried them home all the way, making sure no-one would see.
> At home he makes me swear I never do anything like that again.
> "Only if you buy me roses more often."

> Playing Notpr0n with Teragon
> Arrive to level 8
> Teragon solves it, refuses to tell me
> "Just do as it advises." (The hint is: say it loudly and proudly)
> End up repeating "Jay pack, jay pack, jay pack..." for about an hour before realizing what the catch was.

> Cooking for this one guy I dated really shortly couple of years ago
> First time using curry in a food
> "Guess I'll use it as I would use any other spice"
> Somehow food turns out to be horrible
> Neither of us can finish
> We didn't work out in the end anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it was because of the food.
> Haven't failed in a kitchen since, unless I have been alone (in other words, I've prepared fool-proof food every time someone was over)

And, since I started about cooking....
> Prepare chicken
> Eat the same food for couple of days
> Wonder why I feel so nauseous and ill all the time
> Take a portion of the food, start warming it up
> Upon eating realize that the chicken is blue on the edges
> Has probably been like that ever since I bought it, somehow just didn't notice
> Food poisoning ftw.

> A friend who backpacks a lot is staying in town for some weeks before embarking on another journey
> Decide to go out and grab "one" drink with her
> Two hours later somehow singing "Mamma Mia" with her in a karaoke bar
> Can't bike back home, need to leave my bike in the city and walk
> Next day, the bike is gone
> FML.

> Go to a convention
> Cosplay as Aerith
> One of the featured programs is Final Fantasy Piano Concert, which I absolutely need to see
> Go there, on the upper floor
> "Aeris."
> Start hearing voices.
> "Aeris."
> Get slightly creeped out.
> "Aeriiisss."
> Look down
> See Cloud and Zack, former of which exclaims: "Come're!"
> Waltz with Zack during the concert
> End up staying overnight at Cloud's place, who I have met 6 hours earlier
> Best convention so far

So, yeah. There you have some things. Also, I think that I now have some ideas of what I could write next, so look forward to it, okay? ^o^

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