Friday, April 13, 2012

Katawa Shoujo - That Ibarazaki chick

This post may include Katawa Shoujo spoilers from Emi's route. If you haven't read it yet, I don't really feel like recommending this post to you.

I don't know if I'm the only one with thoughts such as these, but I think I want to share them anyway. So here goes.

I think Hisao is stupid. Ignorant, oblivious, stupid. I don't know if anyone else felt like this, but I was able to know from the very beginning what had happened with Emi and her father. (I think the nurse even slips something out at the second arc already, which only assured me of the fact. So when the nurse starts talking about patient confidentiality in Act 4, Motion, I couldn't help but scoff.)

Hisao waltzes through three arcs, acting annoyingly clueless. "Oh, what could it be about Emi and her father?" Even the "we are going to visit my father today" was somewhat obvious. At that point I wished that the game makers had a huge reveal, a surprise that would have mocked my thought intelligence on the matter, turning everything I ever assumed about the ending upside down.

Nope, exactly what I had been thinking for three arcs. Doesn't make it bad. The only thing it makes bad is Hisao's goddamn cluenessness. (I'll say it again. Cluelessness.)

I like Emi's attitude, and can relate to that somewhat. (I can relate to all the girls, actually, but I'll have this post solely for Emi.) I don't take giving up too well, I can be really hard-headed, and slightly ill-tempered when told that I can't do something. I'm also short, so I can relate to her height problems. (Not the fastest thing on no legs though.)

I, as well, think it's painful to get attached to people, knowing that sooner or later something might happen (or, in my case, is likely to happen, since I'm no good with people) that will detach you from them. So why bother getting too attached? I also have a tendency of pushing myself a bit too hard. And I hope to one day have my "ultimate happy ending" just like she did, not having to worry about things.

I've played all the five arcs, (Well, 5 and one sidestory) and Emi's route is the only one where I actually screwed up. In all other routes I had to deliberately go back and screw up in order to get the bad ending. In Emi's route, I was aiming for her good ending but screwed up majorly. The emotions that were going through my mind were heart-wrenching when I watched the ending texts go by.

So, with newly-gained "where the hell did I go wrong"-attitude (which, I'm sure, Emi would thank me for) I roamed through the story. It started to make disturbingly much sense why I had screwed up the first time. And finally I got the good ending I had to fight for so much.

I think I might make another update on Hanako's arc, because it's... well... my favourite. They're all good (even when Shizune's arc is a bit weaker than the others) but Hanako and Rin are my favourites. Emi and Lilly are really close, too, though.

One more thing!

It really really really really bugs me that the "Yamaku Cat Burglar" sidestory never came to a proper ending. They left it open-ended. Goddamnit, I shouldn't let small things like this get to me, but I can't help thinking that it never resolved properly.

(P.s. Marc played only one arc from Katawa Shoujo, which was Shizune's. He said he only wanted to play the route of "dark-haired girl with glasses", seeing he really likes dark hair. And glasses.)
> "Oh so you wanted to fuck the bitch with glasses?"
> "Yeah. With black hair."
> "Dream on."
> "Oh come on."
> "... fine. I'll dye them. But only after cosplay season is over."
> he almost starts crying from happiness
> oh you

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