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Katawa Shoujo - Lilly and a theory about Kenji

This post contains spoilers about Lilly's route in Katawa Shoujo. I think you know already by now what that means.

So, as I promised, I won't be bitching about the stupidity of the protagonist this time. Instead I'll try to describe why Lilly's route is, in my opinion, the strongest route and best-made in KS.

Lilly reminds me a great lot about a friend of mine, which I guess could be the reason why I didn't have difficulties in her route. After all, there's one single thing to keep in mind if you want her good ending.

Really, it's not that hard.
In addition to having many interactive spots, Lilly's route offers much depth to other characters - namelu Hanako and Shizune. I liked the plot conclusion on Hanako's part even more than I liked it in Hanako's own route. And while Shizune's own route left her into a somewhat 2D creature, few short scenes in Lilly's route managed to complete the picture in my eyes.

Compared to other characters, Lilly is refreshingly... normal. Sure, she is blind. But she isn't afraid of people, she isn't really overly dramatic, she reacts to different situations in a rather humane way. I think one quote from her summarizes what I'm trying to say. "I just have a healthy adolescent sex drive." Hanako has... issues with sex. Emi doesn't really treat sex really naturally, she seems to just throw herself into it and not like the closeness. Shizune is a question mark, because her story isn't really good enough to give any insight about this. I'll probably talk more about it when I play Shizune through. Rin is... Rin.

Lilly's route doesn't only offer a route for Lilly, it offers a route for Shizune, Hanako and Akira just as well. And yes, Kenji.

Teragon has a theory about Kenji. He says that Kenji is the real hero of the story, trying to protect ignorant Hisao who doesn't know his own good. Selfessly dedicated to his cause, no-one understands him even when he just tries to think the best of his good friend.

But really. The characters live their own lives on Lilly's side. This is something I would have liked other routes to have as well: more insight to other characters, maybe easter eggs too. Without spoilers.

Lilly's good ending... her ending is more dramatic and more intense than the other endings. The moment when Hisao wakes up in hospital, the only thing I could think of was "where did I go wrong? Where did I screw up? What did I do?"

That feeling when the music box begins playing. No words could describe that, man. No words on this earth.

And then she had an epilogue, which was really nice as well. The route was balanced, the story was cool, the emotions were realistic.

And that was about that. I guess I will read Shizune next. And I guess I'll include a random relationship moment to the end.

> Back when we started dating, Marc mentioned his ex
> "Oh really? What was she like?"
> At first she was nice
> Then turned out to be a control freak
> "You need to text me at least once per hour when you're out with your friends and I need to know who you are with and I want to know where you are and you need to be home by 11."
> Then turned out to be a bitch
> "We've been going out for almost two years now, when do you propose to me? When do we start planning the house we will move into when we get married? Why aren't you getting down on one kneel already?"
> Then turned out to be completely inadequate in bed
> "I don't like masturbation, it's icky, but you need to still be able to satisfy me in the bed despite having little to none experience from women before me. I don't know what I like, you figure out what I like."
> Bitch, please.
> Turn to Marc after his explanation and beam the brightest smile ever
> "Well, at least you realized that it's better to go for the best than settle for any less."
> purrs on my lap for two hours
> oh you...

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