Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"It's not like I need a map..."

Another story about my sense of direction.

I was supposed to meet up with some other local volunteers around here, but I thought I'd jump off on a different bus stop I normally do for some grocery shopping.

"It's not like I need a map for this, it should be just straight on from here and I should reach the bus center."

Yeah right.

It was raining slightly (as it has been raining almost every day since April started), but I didn't mind. I actually like the rain very much. So I did the grocery shoppings and started to walk in the right direction, paying a lot attention to my surroundings for any familiar landmarks.

Ten minutes later it begins to rain harder, and I remember that while I do like rain, I dislike very much getting lost in the rain.
"It shouldn't have been this far... no wait, I know that street. I can just take a left in here. This street will take me to the center. Maybe I just underestimated the distance." I start walking the street, getting more drenched with each moment but just smirking and making a mental note to god: is this what you call rain? It wasn't that bad.

Yet. Ten minutes later I made another note about "now this is what I call a rain", starting to feel slightly miserable and sending and SMS to let them know that I got lost. Almost walked to a mailbox, managed to dodge it on the last moment and got some weird looks from an odd dog-owner.

Then, after some more walking, I finally see the sign: "Center."

The thing is, arrow is pointing right behind my back. Yes, I was on the right street - just walking it to the wrong direction. God damn it.

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