Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farm life

I've mentioned this friend "Teragon" one or two times in this blog already. I'd like to point out before the following story that despite the occasional insults in the conversation we are good friends. (He does annoy the hell out of me sometimes, though. But whenever life smashes my teeth in, he's always the first one to kneel down to pick them up with me.)

> Chat with Teragon
> Start talking about hentai, especially a particular picture one of us (I think it was him) found
> "I don't like it."
> He likes it
> Drift into an argument about why the picture is good/bad
> Conversation is interesting because it's not just "good" "bad" "good" "bad", instead we both really try to argument WHY the picture is good/bad
> The only thing that's not so elitistic about the conversation (save for the fact that the conversation was about hentai) is the language we use
> Very literate phrases, very sharp notes, but every argument is punctuated with either "idiot", "stupid", or "you are a derp".
> Get so into it that don't actually care about the picture anymore, just argue for the sake of arguing
> Almost sad when I need to depart to meet some friends
> daily amount of verbal fencing exercise - received!

But, yeah. I was supposed to blog about a game that moved deeply my heart when I first played it some 5 years ago. I'm a country girl, so the only game I could be talking about is... yes, you're correct, it is "Harvest Moon".

"Only girls could like that game." Yeah, well I'm a girl, so I don't need to apologize about it. The game is awesome! Whenever I'm having a really stressful moment in my life (and I don't feel like killing Colossi) I take it out and enjoy the monotone everyday-life of a farmer. Grow crops, harvest them, feed animals, clear the land, go to bed. Repeat. Watch the seasons change. Buy stuff and woo your favourite girl.

I can't really put my finger on the favourite girl thing. I know for sure that it's not the bar wench. The flower girl has pink hair, which has always sightly creeped me out... so it'd probably be the prim and proper church girl or the farm tomboy. Or then the ending where you're FOREVER ALONE

Yeah. I'm really considering buying one of the newer versions (my nintendo exploded long time ago) since playing with an emulator isn't really that nice, but so far haven't managed to choose just one. PSP or Gamecube, or maybe N64? Out of these I think I'll go for PSP or N64, since there aren't so many games out there for these platforms. (Probably less for N64 than PSP.)

Yeah, right. As soon as I have some extra money to spare, what with making the costume and having the duty to celebrate my graduation with travelling to the cons.

Making a chainmail armor, by the way, is one way of describing hell to a person who has no patient tendencies whatsoever.

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