Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's Fools

Nothing much to write about in here for the moment being, and still I feel the urge to write. So I thought that I'd write about my first of April.

First of all, I remembered (almost) the whole day through what day it was, and still managed to fall for some pranks and get shocked by some I realized were pranks (such as a friend getting engaged to a man she has always hated for good, but that was fairly obvious). (Then again, love doesn't really make much sense to me.)

My own prank for the people - which I started in the morning, it spread in rather rapid pace - was that I would never actually return from Luxembourg, and would instead stay here. All the games might be in German and French, but ah well! I'll learn!

Marc was really shocked when I broke the news to him.
> "So I'm gonna move to Luxembourg."
> ".... what about me?"
> "Well, you'll probably stay where you are and always memorize this as the day of 1.4." (I thought that this was the point where he'd realize I was pulling his leg.)
> "...."
> "...."
> "...."
> "... wait, did you actually fall for that?"

I actually got guilt pangs for doing that, especially since he was really hurt by that (which wasn't my intention), but managed to sputter out a tolerable apology. (Many times.) Ooooohh, that man. I could never just leave him like that, and I also reminded him of the fact. By the evening he was already back to his sweet self, and I had officially been forgiven.

Later that day, I fell for an online news prank about a study from St. Aprillo's university about a picture that would help you lose weight faster. (Maybe for the first time in my life I wasn't actually seriously considering losing weight, the news just sounded too incredible for me to be true. As it turned out they were.) I realized that one out pretty quickly.

I don't really think I like the day itself very much. I'm not much for dishonesty, even when it's a prank. Maybe I'll skip the whole day next year and spend it gaming Metal Gear Solid. (Though that's my Independance Day game plan...) (Maybe just Patapon.)

On a random note, another incident I had while visiting the same café twice in here.
> Go to café
> Decide to order in German
> Order one tea and a sandwich
> Waitress only speaks French
> End up pointing what I want
> Go there next time
> Decide to order in French, study the words just for that moment
> Order one tea and a piece of cake
> Waitress only speaks Italian
> Wait, what?

This country is really multilingual. I think I really like that.

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