Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And it's bittersweet symphony of life

There are some songs you can't listen to without relating them to a movie you have seen them in. One of them, for me, is The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony. (Kodos if you know the movie.)

No, but.

Last night, I was out in the forests, watching some kids play "Nuit de Loup", which is this kind of fantasy story where you need to help the Master of Stories, because his stories have been stolen. The experience was awesome (all that childlike excitement on my face) but what made it even more awesome was that I managed to connect with one of the people in there.

She started talking to me in English, and soon we were happily chattering away. At one point she mentions that she made most of her friends through an online game.

"Oh, which one?"
"The World of Warcraft."

She clearly didn't expect me to know it.

But my face when.
After that we started the conversation again with whole different enthusiasm, talking about classes, specs and all whathaveyou. (Apparently we both like playing restodruids, and we both like doing PvP as healers. And apparently we both have a real thing for nightelves.) We really clicked, something that doesn't happen with all the people you will ever meet, and we have a lot in common.

At some point, she remembers something kinda important.
"You know, we've been talking a lot about anything, but I haven't introduced myself yet."
"I'm Shena."
"I'm Judy."

For some reason, she blinks a few times and then starts to laugh helplessly. As I stare at her, dumbstruck, she hastens to explain that since she always speaks in German, whenever she speaks in English, she introduces herself accidentally by her character name. So Judy. Apparently even her boyfriend calls her that.

All the same, I was also intrigued to learn that we are very similar by character. We are naive and like to believe the good of people, and we want to help them (that's a resto-specc'd for you), but at the same time, we have fiery temper, we hate people who complain about everything, we don't like to show our weaker side to people and we hate when they pity us, and we both want to fight for good things in our lives. (That's a druid for you.)

So, yeah. When the night of wolves was drawing to an end, we exchanged contact information and agreed to go for a coffee, and agreed that when I restart WoW in less than 2 months (no I'm not excited about it why do you ask) I will come to her server and lerne gut Deutsch sprechen. So the night was a total success. I got to participate in a cultural event that reminded a lot what liveroleplaying can be when it's good (and made me curse the fact I can't do it now) and I made a new friend.

Also, when I got home, I forgot that my PSP was on my bed (blaming it on the wine), turned off the lights and crawled undercovers. A clank of something hard hitting the floor caused my heart to skip a beat. Cellphone? No, it's on the floor already. Laptop? No, on the table. Oh. God. No.

Fortunately I managed to salvage it, just to notice that it was still all right, I just had to click few parts back to places. But I need to be more careful, otherwise I can't bang the drums anymore.

Then, on a random note, I think I accidentally managed to get Marc addicted to sit-ups.
> He tells me he's bored
> I tell him to do some sit-ups (since he could really use the exercise)
> He does 200
> Is happy (because he gets a picture of boobies as a reward)
> Next day
> "I think I'm just gonna see how much I can do."
> Does 200
> Does 300
> Does 400
> "Now this is an exercise."
> Does now situps every other day
> Aims to make 1000
> I created a monster

He sent me a letter, the sweet kitten he is. Even when we talk every day online. A real, hand-written letter.

> realize how much I love him

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  1. Actually, I did 500 of them on the same day, those last 100 in less than five minutes